Where One “Creative” Finds Graphic Design Inspiration

February 1, 2016

After all the research, planning and careful strategizing behind a creative campaign, the Creative department is where everything comes together. Without great graphic design, even the most carefully-planned idea can fall flat. We wanted to talk to our designers about what inspires them, what they love and how they handle the pressure.

Meet Jessica Wong, one of our graphic designers. In 2015 Jess relocated from Phoenix to the big island of Hawaii, where she continues to put out eye-catching work for our clients. We talked to Jessica a bit to get to know more about her graphic design background and what makes her tick:

How long have you been working for Commit?
According to my calculations it’s been 1,267 days (as of today). Or, approximately 3 years and 7 months according to my LinkedIn profile.

What got you interested in graphic design?
Graphic design felt like a natural progression and good fit for me creatively. I’ve always had artistic talent since I was a kid. I had, and still do have, a strange imagination, and I was good at drawing. Then I got into photography later on. Design was like the next medium I had to try, and I ended up having a real passion for it.

What’s your favorite thing to design?
I feel like I’m not totally unique in this, but I love brand identity. I love starting with a logo and the challenge of trying to come up with that one clever twist in it. Then playing with (or “geeking out on”) colors, fonts, graphic elements or photography. It’s my jam.

What’s the hardest thing to design?
I’m not sure if there’s one thing that’s particularly “hard” to design. Sometimes a great idea can come right away, and sometimes it can take hours or days. I guess the more thinking that’s involved, or the more conceptual in nature it is, the more challenging a project will be. But sometimes those are the best and most rewarding projects.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
As we like to say in the creative industry, inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. I find inspiration in humor, photography, creative mags and such. I think it’s also about being in a creative environment, too. I love people watching while I work sometimes, just to have subtle distractions here and there. But then other times I just want be somewhere quiet, to isolate myself and focus.