Creating moments that move people.

For Commit Agency, experience design is about creating and immersing consumers in memory-making moments specific to a brand. Each distinct experience is curated to inspire interaction. And it is within these unexpected moments that conversations ignite, creating a memorable, shareable brand journey.


Define Brands

Consumer behavior drives everything we do, every decision we make and every dollar we spend on behalf of our clients to meet their goals. We stop at nothing to sift through every bit of data to get at what your customers are looking for. Defining ways in which to engage those consumers is what fuels us. And… we really are better at it than anyone else in the industry. In our most humble opinion, of course. But, yeah, we are.


Brand Definition

Research | Strategy | Consumer Definition | Identity Development

Create Experiences
Just call us ingenious masterminds. We mean, we were using analytics to craft ninja campaigns long before others were even dipping their toes into the data pond. And as we’ve continued to evolve, our think tank has developed kickass proprietary software and algorithms to discern where and how consumers are interacting… then use that intelligence to create some seriously superior campaigns and experiences that get noticed in a ginormous way.


Experience Design

User Experience | Website Design | Service Design | Service Mapping | Mobile Applications | Physical Experiences | EngageCX

Amplify Influence
Gossip is not a four-letter word. Literally. We’re sure you’ve heard others say, “go big, or go home.” And by big, we mean creating massive buzz about how great you are. In the end, it boils down to one mighty result – making our clients money by getting people talking about, and interacting with, their brand in brilliant ways. Because in our world, whispers might be sexy behind closed doors, but we prefer to roar!


Amplify Influence

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