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Does an award-winning, results-centric digital marketing and branding agency proven to grow clients’ revenue by 8% on average sound good? You’re darn right it does. Do you want cutting-edge and transparent reporting customized to your business goals? Heck, yeah, you do.

Again, we’re that agency

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Market & Consumer Research

Our research aficionados are experts at qualitative and quantitative research and are able to facilitate complete research studies here at Commit that include myriad formats, like online surveys, one-on-one phone interviews, focus groups, market segmentations, intercept interviews and advertising concept preference testing.

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Marketing Strategy

Our strategic planning process is rooted in research and a complete 360º view of each client’s reality, from industry trends and competitors to a full-on SWOT analysis. Armed with all of this knowledge, we go to work developing a strategy that will meet exceed our client’s goals. Yup, we’re overachievers, which is good news for your success.

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Through an intensive brand workshop, Commit will help you uncover the core pillars, or brand foundation, to establish your brand quickly and sustain it indefinitely regardless of changes in staff, customer base or market conditions.

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User Experience (UI/UX)

From content to design and development, we understand that your website needs to be more than pretty pages taking up space on the internet. You need a website that engages consumers. And, yes, a snazzy user interface is important. But we believe in analyzing every possible facet to create a truly brilliant user experience.

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Website Production/Design

You want an agency that can take research, strategy, SEO, user experience and some freaking awesome creative to create a website that not only looks good, but makes you money. After all, if your agency doesn’t get you results, you’re with the wrong agency.

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Service Design & Consumer Experiences

You can be a machine when it comes to consistency, but if you haven’t done your homework on how your customers want to experience your services, well, you’re dead in the water.

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Integrated Campaigns

Is your head spinning? Are you asking yourself, “How do I know if an integrated ad campaign is for me?” Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

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Television & Radio Production

From bringing mythical creatures to life to addressing consumers' pain points that comically guide customers toward their bliss, we are award-winning (ahem, EMMY winning) masters of all things production.

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Social Media Management

Here at Commit, before we even get started on posting anything, we have to hit the pause button and develop the strategy. And if you’ve heard us talk about “strategy before tactics” before, it’s because it’s that important. Yes, we realize we’re a broken record #sorrynotsorry.

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Content Creation

Our genius content team will provide blogs, articles and, well, content, that ensures consumers find your brand when searching for thought leadership within your industry. It’s pretty cool how that works, right?

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Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

We’re fluent in nerd-speak, so you don’t have to be. But we’re also rebelliously transparent and love to guide our clients through open communication. Did you just lean forward, eager to read more? Awesome!

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Media Planning & Buying

Whether you are looking for a media plan involving connected TV, print, radio, traditional TV, outdoor, targeting, retargeting, geofencing, guerrilla approach or anything in between, Commit’s media team will work to reach your target audience using the most influential and impactful media outlets available for your budget.

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Just call us ingenious masterminds. Really. Do it. We mean, we were using analytics to craft ninja campaigns long before others were even dipping their toes into the data pond.

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Core Web Vitals

User experience matters more than ever with Google’s new Core Web Vitals. Partner with Commit today, a digital marketing expert, to achieve superior SEO now and in the future. Get discovered over the competition. Have users stay on your site longer. Get higher conversion rates. It all starts with Core Web Vitals.