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Primary Election (August 2020)

Phil the Ballot

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When the Maricopa County Elections Department needed to educate eligible voters about the upcoming Democratic Presidential Preference Election, Commit Agency rose to the challenge. Starting with in-depth market research, a strategic marketing communications plan was crafted to increase voter turnout and satisfaction. In order to meet these goals, Commit created the #BeBallotReady campaign, complete with a new ambassador, Phil the Ballot. The campaign launch included TV, landing page design, digital display, social ads, print, radio and outdoor placements which empowered eligible voters to visit BeBallotReady.Vote to get all the information they needed about how and where to vote. The campaign was a tremendous success in educating voters about their options. As such, Commit has since evolved and expanded the campaign to educate voters about their voting options for future elections, as well as integrating the strategy into a new website design.

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