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digitally sustainable

How a Brand Can Become Digitally Sustainable  

July 15, 2022

Businesses face a variety of ever-evolving roadblocks today on their way to success. Unforeseen events such as COVID-19 have thrown entire industries for a loop, changing once-certain circumstances forever. There [...]

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Someone drawing images on a notebook and sketch pad

Brand Recognition | How to Understand It, Build It and Amplify It

May 18, 2022

Brand awareness and brand recognition are parts of the brand itself. Without a high level of brand recognition, a brand can’t exist. Simply put, if the brand doesn’t resonate in [...]

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social networks for real estate | searching for homes online | commit agency

Best Social Networks For the Real Estate Industry  

February 16, 2022

Working in real estate is about more than simply representing buyers and sellers as they engage in transactions. It’s a people business. And, it’s ultimately the business of marketing - [...]

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Young creative business people meeting at office.

Marketing 101 | 5 Keys to a Successful Business  

January 13, 2022

There’s no one correct path to follow when building a business or a brand. There are many ways to achieve growth and success. If you look at most successful businesses, [...]

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Cartoon man holding two signs

Brand Equity | What it is and Why it’s So Important  

December 8, 2021

Research shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for a product or service if it meets their criteria. For instance, shoppers will pay more for a high-quality experience, or [...]

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Top 2022 Marketing and Advertising Trends We’re Watching

November 24, 2021

As marketers, if we’re not evolving, we’re not doing our jobs correctly. When it comes to the latest industry trends, tools or resources, it’s our job to learn, evaluate and [...]

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