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Logo Design | Paddy O' Furniture | Case Study | Commit Agency


Logo Design | Paddy O' Furniture | Case Study | Commit Agency Logo Design | Paddy O' Furniture | Case Study | Commit Agency






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For more than 30 years, Paddy O’ Furniture has provided innovative and distinguished outdoor environments for tens of thousands of people in Arizona and Tennessee. From chaise lounges and firepits to elaborate dining tables and expansive umbrellas, it became a one-stop shop for those who prioritized upscale outdoor living. As more outdoor furniture companies entered the market—both brick-and-mortar shops as well as online retailers—Paddy O’ needed to reposition itself to meet the needs of today’s consumers who want to find their bliss in their own backyard. Commit effectively consolidated the family of outdoor living brands into one new Paddy O’ brand, complete with a modern look that paid homage to the iconic shamrock mark it was widely associated with. The brand relaunch effort included a reimagined lifestyle campaign that consisted of TV, digital and social media, public relations and content that drove customers to the new, blissful experience they would find at any of the brand’s six locations across the Valley and one location in Nashville.

In preparation for this exciting rebranding and positioning initiative, a new website was launched with a focus on online shopping and user experience, immediately generating a massive increase in online sales. Ongoing organic search efforts resulted in this becoming their number one source of website traffic. In the first six months of 2021, Commit has increased their organic site traffic by 40% YoY. Throughout the pandemic, both online and in-store sales have remained strong, leading Paddy O’ to open two new stores.

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