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Print | Cordova Coolers | Case Study | Commit Agency


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For four years, Scott Campbell Jr. was captain of the notorious fishing vessel Seabrooke as seen on the Discovery Channel’s critically acclaimed series Deadliest Catch. Fast forward to 2015, when Campbell and two lifelong friends from his early days in Walla Walla, Washington realized their coolers weren’t doing the one thing that they were supposed to do: keeping things cold. For these three extreme outdoor adventurers, that just wasn’t acceptable. Their solution? Design a cooler that exceeds expectations where the rest of the market falls short. Cordova Coolers was born, and they turned to Commit Agency to launch this new brand and amplify its presence, especially for outdoor adventurers. To help bring these premium coolers to the market, Commit developed unique cooler tags and packaging that evokes a sense of adventure, plus an ecommerce website where adventure-seekers can see all of the available options and choose the cooler that fits their needs.

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