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Branding | Santé Center | Case Study | Commit Agency
Branding | Santé Center | Case Study | Commit Agency







Logo Design | Santé Center | Case Study | Commit Agency


As a leading provider of post-hospitalization rehabilitation, home health and hospice services in the Valley of the Sun, Santé tapped Commit Agency to position the company as an industry thought leader and change maker revolutionizing the way people think about healthcare. Through a series of focus groups designed to understand the motivators that impel a patient (or influencer) to choose Santé over other rehabilitation centers, Commit learned that the attentive, thoughtful and caring experience consistently delivered by its staff at each location was the main motivating factor. Knowing this, the team then engaged in Commit’s brand definition process, which led to the establishment of meaningful brand pillars—visionary, empowered, compassionate, excellence and devoted—that would become the foundation for all marketing efforts moving forward. Once the creative campaign was developed that paid off the new brand story, Commit built a new website that reflected the newly defined brand, followed by an integrated marketing campaign deployed through digital advertising, social media, print and public relations.

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