The Benefits of Social Influencer Marketing

December 12, 2016

Word-of-mouth recommendations have long been recognized for their power and effectiveness—and social influencer marketing takes this concept to the next level.

The value it has for brands is supported by numbers. Ninety-two percent of people say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations over traditional advertising. That’s an increase of nearly 20-percent from 2007 and another reason why adept use of influencer marketing techniques provides a significant competitive advantage.

Here is some important information on the value of social influencer marketing and how this strategy can pay dividends for your organization.

The Value of Social Influencers

Social influencers are people who possess the ability to modify the behavior and buying habits of others, either by shifting their opinion or providing them with new and actionable information.

Influencers are authorities in their communities—individuals who have the stature and gravitas necessary to put their weight and credibility behind something. They may also be industry leaders, media members, scientists or bloggers. We frequently see high-profile celebrities, bloggers and influencers share their recommendations for products such as clothing, makeup, and travel on their social media profiles and blogs. An influencer’s social media profile is prime real estate for brands to leverage a large, dedicated following to promote their products and services to an engaged audience.

Social influencers’ biggest appeal to brands is their reach and loyal fan base. According to Adweek, food bloggers provide the highest ROI for brands, followed by fashion and travel.   Influencers who possess sterling reputations and immense social reach wield enormous power. They are exceptionally valuable from a marketing perspective.

Penetrating Barriers

According to a Reuters survey, nearly half of all online consumers employ some kind of ad blocking software. But social influencer marketing deftly circumvents such barriers by providing the target audience with useful content from a respected authority. Ideally, consumers don’t feel they are being sold anything, but instead are receiving well-thought out personal recommendations from a credible third party.

The Power of Your Audience

There are a few things to consider when using an influencer marketing campaign. First, you should assess the size of your influencer’s audience versus the engagement of their posts.  A larger network might not be as valuable as a smaller group that is passionately devoted. Keep in mind that influencers with more followers are typically much more expensive to work with compared to influencers with less followers due to the reach brands receive with a more prominent following.

It is also important to consider relevance. Influencers who are asked to market products outside their immediate community are not as effective. Finally, it is imperative to fully vet influencers you would like to work with since their followers need to align with your brand’s target audience and core values. For instance, a brand wanting to push their newest protein bar might not want to partner with an influencer who frequently promotes trendy fast-food chains.

If you choose the right thought leaders, social influencer marketing can be a powerful tool to elevate your branding. You will increase your audience and potentially start a movement of loyal followers committed to your goals.

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