What Makes a Successful Marketing Campaign?

September 11, 2018

What makes a successful marketing campaign? The plain and simple answer is a lot of things. Surprising, isn’t it? Yeah, not really. However, don’t get discouraged because you can make it happen. We’ll go into more detail about what that entails, but first…

Think of some of your favorite commercials on TV. What do you like about them? What makes you not want to change the channel just yet?

For me, the Progressive Insurance girl comes to mind. She has been in over 100 Progressive commercials since 2008. I find her entertaining, funny, and sometimes relatable. When I watch a Progressive commercial, I can expect something more than just “we sell insurance, blah, blah, BORING.” Instead, I can enjoy a light chuckle when she shows up at her sister’s new house only to find her “working out and blogging” at the same time.

Her character is also geared towards more than just one generation, which I think contributes to the success of this campaign. This leads me to our first point.

Know your audience

It’s critical to know your audience. Throwing your budget into a campaign that’s geared towards millennials, even though your consumers are mainly baby boomers, isn’t the best idea.

This is where simple research comes into play. Find out who your consumers are, how they like to shop (ex: mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.), and when they are most likely to purchase, for starters.

Knowing your audience is only the first step to reaching desirable campaign results, but that information alone isn’t enough.

Find out even more about your consumers

To really hit the nail on the head, you need to do a little more in-depth research and planning.

When I asked Commit’s Chief Digital Officer, Joel Coen, what he believes makes a successful marketing campaign he responded by saying that understanding the right ‘mix’ is critical. Focusing all of your energy on one specific category typically leads to disaster. You need to research how your specific consumer is looking for your product/services and make sure that you are intersecting with those consumers by injecting your message at those critical decision points. In short, always research and know the path to success before making your final decision on where to best spend your marketing dollars.”

Create an impact

Once you’ve determined how to interject your message at the right moment, it’s time to create a meaningful campaign that captures your consumer’s attention. David Ralls, Commit’s President, states that in order for a campaign to be successful it must “effectively communicate a brand’s meaningful point of difference in a way that gets attention, improves the consumer’s perception and love for the brand, [which in turn] leads to repeat purchases and new trial, and ultimately high returns on marketing investment.”

Creating an impactful, meaningful message geared towards the right people at the right time is the perfect blend for campaign success. If you’re having trouble getting results from your own campaign, shoot us a message, we’d love to chat with you about how we can help!