How to Write Home Page Content that Works

December 21, 2017

At Commit Agency, we’ve built a lot of websites for our clients. Although we take time to carefully craft each web page, the home page is our main focus. While there are many details that go into creating a stellar home page, we’ve come to the conclusion that these 5 points must be present in order to successfully market your business online.

Choose a Target Keyword

Before you begin writing your home page copy, you’ll need to designate the focus of your site: The target keyword or phrase. To reach the right people, choose a relevant keyword that stands out from competitors. For instance, if you own a small women’s clothing shop, start by studying website analytics and researching trending keywords. Once you’ve narrowed the options down (let’s say to, “women’s fashion Chandler”), use that as the target phrase for your home page. Places your target keyword will live include:

  • Headlines
  • Within the first paragraph of content
  • Page title
  • Page meta-description
  • Image alt text and title (if present)

Be careful not to overuse your keyword though, or else it will do more harm than good.

Create a Powerful Headline

Generally, new visitors skim a website’s home page for words and images that are relevant to what they’re searching for. With that in mind, your headline is crucial. We’d advise that you get straight to the point while simultaneously enticing your visitors to read further. A good headline example using the women’s clothing shop above would be, “Welcome to Tanya’s Boutique in Chandler: Where We Provide the Highest Quality in Women’s Fashion”. This is ideal because you’re incorporating the target keywords while providing more information about your business.

Expand on your Headline

If your company provides more than just one product or service, explain this under your headline. Directly below your headline text, create a box or space to go into further detail about what your business has to offer without forcing your visitors to search your site for the information. Remember that visitors are less likely to abandon your site if it’s easy to navigate and the message is clear.

Be Personable in Your Copy

Make first-time visitors feel comfortable. You don’t want to start off sounding too “salesy” or else you may run the risk of flagging yourself as a scammer. Build trust between you and your potential customers by developing copy that is relatable and sounds natural. It’s also important to keep the same tone throughout your home page. As with normal in-store conversation, be careful not to overwhelm your guests with content overload. Gently introduce them to featured products and link them to other pages within the site.

Include a Call-to-Action

A home page isn’t complete without telling your visitors where to go next! Simply include a button or a short sentence that leads your customers to another page where they can make a purchase. Read more about how to create the perfect call-to-action for your site.

Is your website struggling to get off the ground? Contact us here. We’d be happy to help you get the results you’re looking for.