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The Challenge:

In 2022, amidst an extensive renovation, JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa brought in Commit Agency to update their brand position within the marketplace, as well as to refine the psychographic/demographic of their target audience post-pandemic. Facing fierce local competition for travelers' dollars, the story and visual identity of the reimagined property was in need of an overhaul while cohesively capturing the attention of leisure and business guests alike.


Women sitting by the pool holding a drink
Three Young girls playing connect four outside
Man and Women holding drinks
Man and a Women sitting in pool floats in the water
A man and a women walking into a pool with pool floats
Two guys playing corn hole outside
Two women walking inside by escalators
Group of girls outside in swimsuits


During a day-long brand session, the legacy of a destination rooted in the elements of Arizona’s natural beauty and vibrant spirit sparked not only a market-differentiating stake in the ground, but ignited a look and feel for the brand that immersed our strategy in “Elemental Luxury.” This unique sense of place further elevated marketing communications to reflect the passion and rejuvenation one would encounter while experiencing a getaway beyond anything they could have imagined. Our strategy also accounted for the negative aspects of the resort guests had voiced in the past, turning a property that was thought to be “too big and sterile” into an approachable luxury destination where one could do as little or as much as they wanted with room to breathe, relax and experience the stunning landscape surrounding them.


JW Marriott website on a laptop


JW Marriott | Everything Summer poster
JW Marriott | A Culinary Experience Beyond Imagination poster


A comprehensive relaunch campaign successfully positioned the resort as meaningfully different from the competition. Combined with an updated website to reflect the new brand voice and visual identity, as well as fresh seasonal marketing campaigns directed at the newly-defined target audience, JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa achieved a solid position within the industry that broadened their guest base and continues to draw visitors in to experience a stay beyond imagination.


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