How to Write Effective Ad Copy

Tatum Snodgrass | May 9, 2018

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Smart ad copy could be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a total flop. Ad copy should sell and convert your audience within a matter of seconds. This type of copywriting is different from writing long-form content or campaign writing, and it takes a skilled writer. Our resident copywriting pro, Heidi, is always up for the task. She has these tips for writing effective ad copy.


  1. Appeal to the wants of your audience. Let’s face it, we live in an era of entitlement. As consumers, we’re constantly on the hunt for the next thing we “need.” Play into that. Whether it’s a material object or a feeling that you’re selling, talk about the benefits that appeal to the desires of your audience.


  1. Think visually. Smart copywriters know that it’s not only what you say that’s important, but also how you say it. When appropriate, using numbers, symbols, or white space, for example, can cut through the clutter. Work with a designer to get the most out of your copy, and be sure to include directional notes (i.e. big bold headline) when submitting your copy.


  1. Don’t be shy. When you’re writing ad copy, you’re in the business of selling. When was the last time a shy salesperson made any money? Be confident and direct with your ad copy. As a general rule, your most important message should come first. Being direct doesn’t mean you should be boring, though. Have some fun, but don’t let the fluffy stuff get in the way of what’s important.


  1. Use emotion words. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What could they be feeling when reading your ad? Angry, excited, anxious, impulsive? Using emotion words can trigger something within your audience to relate, click and convert.


  1. Clear call to action. You have to tell your audience what you want them to do and what they can expect by clicking on the ad. Knowing your audience will help you decide if a call to action should be straightforward (i.e. Click Here) or fun and clever (i.e. You Need This). A call to action with personality can add intrigue to your brand voice, but with so much clutter online, some users prefer a clearly defined action.


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