Market & Consumer Research

Customer Research

Consumer behavior drives everything we do, every decision we make and every dollar we spend on behalf of our clients to meet their goals. We stop at nothing to sift through every bit of data to get at what your customers are looking for. Our research aficionados are experts at qualitative and quantitative research and are able to facilitate complete research studies here at Commit that include myriad formats, like online surveys, one-on-one phone interviews, focus groups, market segmentations, intercept interviews and advertising concept preference testing.

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In addition to primary research, members of our team are experts at developing demographic, psychographic and geographic studies which inform the development of target market personas. These personas allow our team to prioritize creative messaging and media targeting toward primary and secondary individuals and households. Knowledge of the prioritized persona target market media behavior, brands frequented, professions, and life stages allow for more effective strategy and campaign development to occur. This focused media targeting and creative communication development allows us to increase campaign effectiveness through increased response and conversion rates. In addition, our results tracking methodologies allow us to optimize the media spend, reinvesting in what works and eliminating that which does not.

Defining Your Target Customer

Defining who your target customer base should be is integral to all marketing efforts. If we don’t know who your brand lovers are, how can we target marketing towards them? We can’t. So, we find out who they are. In order to gain deeper insights into the makeup of our clients’ existing and prospective customers, we leverage existing customer data to develop personas to include their geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles. These personas will guide all acquisition/retention messaging and targeting in the future.