Market Research

Blending our consumer research with current economic trends allows us to help you avoid the pitfalls of uniformed marketing decisions. We are forward-thinking by nature, so while we can’t read your tea leaves, we have a few tools in our ample toolbox to make it seem like we might be just a little bit psychic.

So how do we do it? Well, we take all that primary consumer research, do a deep dive on the current marketplace and develop laser-targeted demographic, psychographic and geographic studies—which our masterminds use to create mystically accurate target market personas. These personas allow our team to prioritize creative messaging and media targeting toward primary and secondary individuals and households. Knowledge of the prioritized persona target market media behavior, brands frequented, professions and life stages allow for more effective strategy and campaign development to occur. This focused media targeting and creative communication development allows us to increase campaign effectiveness through increased response and conversion rates. In addition, our results tracking methodologies allow us to optimize the media spend, reinvesting in what works and eliminating that which does not.

So, not really magic, but pretty cool nonetheless.