What does your brand stand for at its core? Our branding (and rebranding) process takes a deep dive into why you do what you do and what makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Through an intensive brand workshop, Commit will help you uncover the core pillars, or brand foundation, to establish your brand quickly and sustain it indefinitely regardless of changes in staff, customer base or market conditions. 


Then, we take that information and craft your brand essence, a unified core identity, to clearly communicate your brand message. At Commit, we use this emotional story to set the tone for your brand, substantiated by indisputable facts and qualities. But, even more than that, we use this storytelling opportunity to get to the true heart of your brand. Because we understand that to make you successful, we need to really get your “why”—and so do your customers. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy from you because you have something they need. People buy from you because they believe what you believe.” In fact, we’re so passionate about connecting consumers to your brand emotionally that we have actually had clients well up during the reading of their brand essence. Happy tears, we promise. But… Nailed it! 


Finally, we define your positioning statement by bringing your brand pillars and brand essence together to ensure your messaging, both internally and externally, remains cohesive. Furthermore, we use this opportunity to define the core critical components of your brand. This enables everyone to remain on the same page, to focus on the same vision and stay on the same path leading to the fulfillment of the common goal: your success. This will be your story in a nutshell, your elevator speech, the summary of who you are and what makes you different.


So, you could say Commit is passionate about defining brands. Seriously. Super passionate.  And, we really are better at it than anyone else in the industry. In our most humble opinion, of course. But, yeah, we are.