Integrated Campaigns

You want a marketing agency that knows how to reach your potential customers at the moments that most influence their decisions. So, making sure you get noticed on all the channels they use is, well, everything if we’re going to get them to interact with your brand. Since we’ve already established that research and strategy are behind everything we do for our clients, it only makes sense to put that knowledge to work by integrating campaigns to ensure we’re being seen. Everywhere your consumers are. Oh, and the kickass creative doesn’t hurt, either.

Oftentimes, some media channels get overlooked because their reach and impact may not be as measurable as others. But, by taking a look at the intricate customer journey, Commit is able to discover the touchpoints your customers actively, and passively, engage with while forming an impression of a brand—which, ultimately, will lead to a purchase if your brand has been represented well throughout those touchpoints. For instance, print ads, advertorials, social media interactions and even conversations with friends and family can all contribute to conversion. Because, while we can deduce many things, on a person-by-person basis, what will actually trigger the impulse to buy is intangible. But this isn’t a fishing expedition, because each of those accumulated impressions will eventually intersect, making your brand top of mind when the decision to purchase is finally made.

Is your head spinning? Are you asking yourself, “How do I know if an integrated ad campaign is for me?” Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. And, when you’re looking for an agency you can trust to recognize the nuances of sophisticated consumer behaviors, then act with lightning fast, cat-like reflexes to create a ninja-worthy integrated campaign, we’re that agency.