Social Media

“Yeah, we do social media…”

What does that even mean?

Good question. Sure, a lot of agencies “do” social media, but the actual creation and management of social media can mean different things to different people. At Commit, we’re passionate about engaging your audience in meaningful ways for your success. 

Here at Commit, before we even get started on posting anything, we have to hit the pause button and develop the strategy. And if you’ve heard us talk about “strategy before tactics” before, it’s because it’s that important. Yes, we realize we’re a broken record (#sorrynotsorry).

For us, we need to take a look at the whole picture and determine how (or if) social media plays a part in reaching our client’s goals. Once we’ve determined that social media is, in fact, a critical channel, our team gets to work developing the strategy and style for social media efforts going forward. This helps our social media mavens (and maestros) develop content that is consistent with what’s being presented on all other marketing channels. The last thing we want is for our communications to be inconsistent and confusing for consumers.

We start with an organic social strategy informed by competitor, industry and trend research. We determine KPIs, content buckets and platform-by-platform recommendations. Then, we develop a style guide to establish the look and feel of all your social content going forward to ensure it’s in alignment with the brand both written and visually. 

It’s not always easy to get noticed on social platforms though, which is why we are experts in paid social strategy and execution, too. Need to establish audience targeting and budget allocation recommendations? We do that. Want an agency that rocks at developing and executing campaigns, as well as ongoing monitoring, management and performance analysis? 

We’re that agency.

From content calendar development, scheduling, execution and ongoing monitoring to reporting and performance analysis, we’re ready to get social on your company’s behalf. We can also take care of your original asset capture and production needs. Photography and videography content creation. Photo and video editing. Social graphic design. We really, really “Like” it… and your followers will, too.

But it doesn’t stop there; we can also take care of your community management and audience listening—monitoring and responding to audience engagement—and there’s going to be a lot of it. Plus, if it’s right for your brand, we have the chops to help with influencer engagement including strategy, research and list development, vetting partnerships, negotiation, content coordination and performance analysis.

And throughout the whole process, our social media team is evaluating, and reporting back to you, what’s working, what isn’t and where there are opportunities in the future. Because social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. We’re not going to apply the spray and pray method. 

Instead, you’re going to get a rock-solid social strategy built around your business and target audience, and a team ready to eat, sleep and breathe your success. That’s what we call #winning.