What’s New in Social Media Trends

January 9, 2017

It’s no secret that mobile-friendly use and authenticity are shaping the future of digital media. In today’s digitally connected world, a customer can look up your brand’s reviews, website and social media profile–all within seconds. That’s why it is important to develop a successful social media strategy with the following components:

Transform Your Mobile-First Mindset for Social Media

Out of the staggering 1.8 billion active monthly Facebook users, one billion are using the platform from their mobile devices. The shift to mobile isn’t exactly a new concept for marketers, but the sheer volume of mobile users is something that must be considered when developing an effective social media strategy.

So what exactly should brands consider when optimizing for mobile users on social media? First, be aware that content does not look the same on a mobile device. Perhaps the post copy is hiding behind the “See More” button, or the text on your image is too small to read.

If your post copy features a “See More” prompt, shorten the caption in order to eliminate the extra step for readers. Your viewers are less likely to continue reading if they are asked to “Read More,” so it’s best to grab their attention with less copy.

“Less is more” especially holds true when integrating a Facebook ad or boosted post across multiple platforms and devices.  We recommend always reviewing how your ad or boosted post looks from a mobile perspective first. Another thing to consider is Facebook page tabs, which are not accessible on mobile. It is always cringe-worthy when an organization asks people to visit a “Page Tab” to enter a contest, giveaway or promotion, when all the while, they are unaware that fans are unable to access it. Verifying your promotion and page looks great on mobile devices is a necessity, not just an option.

New Facebook Page Layouts

In an effort to make it easier for Facebook users to find what they are looking for when they visit a brand page, Facebook has once again redesigned the way pages appear on both desktop and mobile. On mobile, users are greeted with more prominent calls to action in a carousel format, which show cards for “Call Now,” upcoming events, saving the page to visit later, reviews and more. On desktop, the new layouts stress the importance of reviews, videos and photography and then displays the two most recent posts of the business. The previous emphasis on posted material has seemingly become obsolete. More than ever, it is about reviews, local events and visual content.

What we don’t like about the design: Your two most recent posts are the only ones shown prominently, so those posts will have prime real estate.  Outdated videos will be displayed front and center. Beware, since those somewhat out-of-focus videos you produced a couple years ago suddenly look much less cool. The rest of your posts are harder to access, and likely won’t be found by fans unless someone is actively searching for something and they are savvy on where to find them. The new page layout is not optional, but you can choose a template that best meets your business needs.

The good news is that you can change the order of the tabs using new templates provided by Facebook. This ensures your newer videos and photos can be front and center on your page. You can also delete previous videos and pictures that you feel aren’t “on brand” anymore, or hide them from public view. There is also an opportunity to leverage reviews and videos like never have before, increasing organic search results.

With these changes, new shops and services, the ability to schedule appointments on Facebook pages and more, the social media giant truly wants to be an all-encompassing one-stop shop platform.

Customer Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Although we believe this goes without saying, it is absolutely critical for brands to read and respond to online reviews. The average consumer looks at hundreds of digital touchpoints before making a purchase decision. Every blog post, Yelp profile or an Instagram photo contributes to the consumer’s opinion about your brand and whether or not they should use your goods or services. One of the most critical details consumers consider before making a purchase is reviews. That’s why Google has now started showing Facebook reviews, TripAdvisor reviews, and Yelp reviews directly on Google My Business listings. It will now be more important than ever for brands to be responsive to customer complaints, concerns and feedback to show they care.

What Now?

It is very clear that Facebook wants to provide end users with the ultimate mobile experience. So make sure you have good reviews, your profile is optimized for mobile use, and that your brand is focusing on visually compelling content. This way, you will be satisfying a mobile-first generation that is shaping how content is consumed.