Marketing Agency | Your Brand DNA

December 16, 2015

Your company’s brand is its DNA. In fact, the term brand DNA describes the ins and outs of how the brand has been assembled. It covers every nuance imaginable, from the typeface used on corporate stationery and names of social media accounts to the entirety of tradeshow booths. It even includes how your employees answer the phone. Branding provides cohesion for your company built on core messaging, a culture that reinforces those messages and a public persona that exudes those messages. As a premiere marketing agency, it is our job at Commit to help you realize and capture immediate public recognition and satisfaction.

Branding Helps You Stand Out

From design and function to packaging and advertising, you want to create a brand ecosystem for your company that is unlike anything else. Consider Apple in its trend-setting role. Apple’s branding is consistent and recognizable from the design of its mobile devices, operating systems, brick and mortar stores, advertisements and computers. You always know Apple when you see it. Set this as a goal.

Standing out is achievable at any level in any industry, whether you manufacture PVC plumbing fittings or provide five-star hotel accommodations. Trust the creative professionals at your marketing agency, as it is our goal is to elevate your brand above the competition.

Branding Fosters Customer Loyalty

Think about some of the most recognizable brands around today and what you’ve heard from people in your life who stick by them. You might know someone loyal to Levi’s, for example, who has worn only one brand of jeans for the past several years. Levi Strauss and his partner invented blue jeans to withstand the strains of physical labor, a brand trait that still stands today. Many loyal customers undoubtedly identify with this working class aspect of the brand combined with its historical roots.

Brand loyalty can develop by evoking a deep-seeded emotional response just as well as delivering consistent high-quality experiences with your products. [bctt tweet=”Your brand resonates with people to the extent that it becomes part of their personal or professional identity.”] Without branding, there is little for your customer to identify with.

Branding Defines How You Do Business

Great branding defines every facet of a company, including how you do business. Your business conduct will derive from the core messaging you design with your marketing agency. These guidelines direct employee behavior in the public eye, whether it’s social media, a public function or a letter to the editor in the local newspaper. They define how managers recognize achievements among their staff and other aspects of internal culture. Internal culture directly affects how external facets of the business are managed, like customer interactions.

Branding is important to your business at every level. What is your company’s brand DNA?