How Design Agencies Expertly Move the Brand Awareness Needle

September 23, 2016

Creating and sustaining high-level public awareness is a critical task for brands and their design agencies. Yet achieving this level of brand awareness is no simple task. Building a memorable and compelling brand requires creativity and hard work, not to mention perpetual maintenance once a brand is fully defined.

With this in mind, let’s review some brand awareness ideas that move the needle.

Refine Your Brand Voice

Brands and design agencies that offer their clients rich, emotionally resonant experiences will reap lasting rewards in the form of word of mouth endorsements—one of the most powerful marketing tools around, and a major driver of brand awareness.

An Effective Referral Program

Referrals, if done correctly, can create exponential growth in your client list or user base. As your users and clients grow, your brand awareness will grow in parallel.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with other brands, particularly those outside your normal niche, puts you in front of an entirely new audience. It is important to choose your partners carefully, however, since working together will associate you with their image and reputation to some degree.

Free Products or Services

Nothing generates public interest faster than the prospect of getting something for nothing. The key here is to use your free products and services to generate interest in your premium services.

A Targeted Social Media Presence

Too many brands and design agencies make the mistake of taking a scattershot approach to social media. Rather than pumping out mediocre content over half a dozen platforms, focus your brand building efforts around truly engaging content shared on the right channel. If you’re an antique furniture store, devote most of your resources to Instagram. If you’re a beauty enterprise, tutorials on YouTube will likely provide a better return on your investment.

The Takeaway

Cracking the code to high-level brand awareness requires diligent work and a creative approach. By pursuing ideas such as those listed above, you can amplify your brand and reach new audiences.