3 New Ways for Marketers to Use Snapchat

August 9, 2017

Let’s face it: Snapchat is no longer for the kiddos.

It’s grown into an app used by people of all ages around the world. And those users are an incredibly loyal bunch to the app and to the people and brands they connect with. If you’re a marketer looking for a way to be the next big connection on Snapchat, one thing’s for certain: whatever strategy you execute, it should include its newer features in a tactful way (how tactful is up to you!)

Here are three new ways you can use Snapchat in your marketing efforts:

Make Your Mark with On-Demand Geofilters

Chances are you’ve thought about how to get on board the geofilter train and how to produce one for your business or clients. Perhaps you were stopped in your tracks knowing that you had to visit their special web tool and that it wasn’t easier to access and use. Those days are now long past as Snapchat has unveiled the ability to create custom on-demand geofilters inside the app!

Get on the Map!

Snap Maps are an excellent way for users to see what’s happening around their communities and the world! In an instant, one can see the collective Snaps from last night’s party downtown to the ball game in another state to the view from Niagara Falls and the Eiffel Tower! Snap Maps bring a new dimension to how users and brands are discovered by others. Frankly speaking, marketers would be crazy not to consider how to leverage this new feature when executing their next event or attempting to make their brand’s presence known in a specific location.

Photo courtesy of Snapchat.com

To access Snap Maps, simply “pinch” your screen and you’ll be taken to a top-down view of your current area. Swipe around and zoom out further to see what’s happening all around you!

Snap Ads for Everyone

Something that many marketers can agree on is the fact that Snapchat is cementing its place in the location-based advertising field. As our society continues turning to mobile devices to connect with the world around them, Snapchat’s innovations are providing advertisers with new avenues to reach their target demographics anywhere at any time. One way that this can now be achieved is through the recently revealed self-serve ad manager for all businesses.

If you’re considering using Snapchat as a paid advertising platform, good news: you no longer need to go through Snap’s sales team to purchase your ads! You can now bring the efforts “in-house.” You also have the abilities to utilize their Mobile Dashboard and Business Manager elements that can help you reach your ad goals and build new campaigns.

Which features are you looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments below!