10 Video Ideas For Your Business YouTube Channel

August 7, 2019

You’ve set up your new Youtube business account. Yay! Now you’re ready to start creating content.

But, wait. Where do you even begin?

You could start filming and see where it goes, or you could have a structured content plan that will keep you on track to post on a regular basis. We prefer the latter.

If you’re looking to fill your Youtube business channel with engaging video content that will benefit your brand, take a look at the list of ideas below.

1. Introduction

First and foremost, it’s best to post an introduction video. These videos don’t have to be very long, in fact, we advise you to keep your video length within 1-3 minutes if possible. Welcome viewers to your channel, include who you are, what your company does/sells and mention subscribing to your channel. Once you post this video, it’s go time.

2. Share a Personal Story

Was your business started by your great great grandmother? Or did you start it from the ground up because you saw an opportunity to fill a gap? Sharing your story offers a deeper insight into the person behind the brand. This helps consumers get to know you better and connect with you on a more intimate level (which is especially helpful when there is a lot of competition).

3. Unboxing

If you browse products online, for example on Amazon.com, chances are you will see a few unboxing videos. Nowadays, people are researching products, reading reviews, and watching more videos online than ever before. With the growing amount of content available at just the tap of a screen, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the competition by anticipating their needs.

4. Behind the Scenes

Shooting a behind the scenes video gives curious consumers a sneak peek into what it takes for your business or service to run smoothly. This is especially useful for the service industry. Consider recording a small portion of the work that will be done, or run through the entire process from start to finish.

5. Testimonials

If you have a few satisfied past customers who would be willing to share their experience or product review on camera, we suggest creating a testimonial video. Keep in mind that it’s best to use real testimonials instead of paid actors or friends to fill in, as this might come off as inauthentic or staged.

6. Tutorial

For those who are visual learners, a tutorial video would be a great addition to your business Youtube channel. This will particularly come in handy if your product is difficult to use or if there are small details you’d like to point out when setting it up. With tutorial videos, we suggest filming in-studio or hiring someone to produce quality content as this might be one of your most viewed videos.

7. Comparison

Have a competitors’ product handy? Compare them. Show how each product performs and talk about the pros and cons of each (hopefully there aren’t any cons for your product, though).

8. Tips

Providing useful tips to your viewers is key. Do your research…what are people trying to find the answer to? Are you able to offer information that will help them? If so, write out a list of tips and tricks and share with them.

9. Industry News

If you work in an industry that is constantly changing, take advantage of learning all you can and sharing it with your followers. Working at an advertising agency, we are bombarded with news updates and platform changes on the regular. By being proactive with the information you receive, you will become a thought leader in the industry.

10. Q & A

A simple question and answer video can clear up a lot of confusion for people who are in the research phase of their online purchase journey. When preparing for a Q & A video, feel free to ask your followers on social media for any questions they have. Q & A videos tend to be a little lengthier so be prepared to go into detail and answer each question with intent to cover any additional questions that might arise.

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