Website Design & Development

You want an agency that can take research, strategy, SEO, user experience and some freaking awesome creative to create a website that not only looks good, but makes you money. After all, if your agency doesn’t get you results, you’re with the wrong agency.

At Commit, we work with our clients to build modern, responsive and intuitive websites to help increase web traffic and grow business. Our web design process encompasses all aspects from the exploration phase through launch and maintenance of a website, including competitive analysis, keyword research, search engine optimization, graphic and user interface design, responsive coding, quality assurance testing and more. Your website deserves an agency that implements best-in-class methodologies for web design in conjunction with available user data to create a unique experience built for your business. And we’re that agency.

User experience design (UX design) is applied from the research phase through full implementation—combining what we learn through research, data deep-dives and industry trends to create an individualized experience and user flow for your customers.

Once we enter the visual design phase of the process, we create clickable preview prototypes and explore using the latest web design software before beginning full development. Our team of skilled designers use their wealth of experience in user interface design (UI design) to create sleek, modern and, most importantly, highly usable websites. We also apply best practices of web accessibility to create ADA compliant websites that are designed and coded to remove accessibility barriers. This allows all users, including individuals with impairments or disabilities, full usability of your site. Psst… it also helps prevent lawsuits, but we’re not lawyers we just occasionally play one on TV. Wait, no we don’t, but we don’t want you to need one, so we’ll take care of that ADA compliance.