Commit Agency determined that the overall web experience had several pinch points that were causing users to drop off or bounce. Our challenge was to make the site and other digital assets as frictionless as possible.

Commit was tasked with creating consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experiences for consumers across all channels. We designed, built and launched a new website for Camelot Homes in 2017, ensuring the entire site communicated a distinguishing brand message with an updated look, feel, color palette and lifestyle-centric imagery to communicate the brand. Our digital team also ensured maximum usability of pages for each community by highlighting each developmentā€™s floor plans, individual features and providing updated lot availability. The result was a streamlined site that optimized the mobile experience.

Since the launch of the site, visitors converted at a 41% higher rate than with the old site. Overall, visitors were up more than 22 percent, the average time-on-page increased by 9 percent and page views increased more than 14 percent.

  • A New Take On Utilizing User
    Generated Content to Increase Reach and Conversion

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