You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy | Best Digital Agency in Phoenix

May 2, 2016

Recently, our best digital agency in Phoenix ran across a statistic that surprised us: When UK marketing resources site Smart Insights asked a large cohort of marketers whether they have a “clearly defined” digital marketing strategy, just 34 percent said that they do. Another 16 percent said that they have a strategy, but that it is not necessarily aligned with their overall marketing strategy. That leaves fully half of marketers who may be doing digital marketing without a strategy. Here at Commit, we think that digital marketing without a digital strategy is akin to jumping from an airplane without knowing how to open the chute.

Indeed, we agree with this Forbes article that doing digital without a strategy risks your being unable to seize new revenue-generating opportunities and to maximize brand visibility. A couple months ago, we suggested that understanding the considerations behind human-computer interaction will lead to the optimal design of a successful digital strategy, so we thought this month we would tackle the elements of one.

Look at where you are now

Before you can decide where you want to go, you first must know where you are. Conduct a comprehensive audit of your current digital marketing efforts to find out what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Identify (and commit to) your goals

What is it that you want to achieve? Are you looking for calls, clicks, downloads, leads, overall brand awareness? Take the time to solidify your goals so that you can measure performance over time and make any changes as needed.

Understand each channel’s strength

There are four channels that together create a solid digital strategy. How you prioritize them depends on your goals. Bear in mind that people increasingly turn to mobile to access each of these channels, so be sure that you optimize for mobile.

  • Email marketing – good for reaching people who visit your site but remain undecided
  • Social media – good for brand awareness and word-of-mouth
  • Organic search – the first channel that most consumers turn to, so make sure you’re appearing on the first page of results through good SEO
  • Content marketing – a must for any digital strategy; regularly posting new and relevant content to your site will help your SEO and establish you as a leader in your sector

Plan it out

Creating a digital strategy is both an art and a science. If your current efforts aren’t working for you, ask yourself whether you are making the most of each channel’s value and then adjust accordingly. For help with your strategy, know that you can always turn to the best digital agency in Phoenix.

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