Why ASMR Matters in Interactive Marketing

September 19, 2016

If you want to excel at interactive marketing, you need to be a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to what’s driving online behavior. And, by at least one key metric, ASMR videos represents one of the most exciting new marketing opportunities available to brands of all shapes and sizes.

What Are ASMR Videos?

Have you ever felt a shivers-down-your-spine sensation when someone whispers in your ear? Does the soothing voice of famous PBS painter Bob Ross put you in a relaxed, almost hypnotic state? If so, you’ve experienced autonomous sensory meridian response—or ASMR. For most people, this biological response comes in the form of tingles or chills, sometimes accompanied by a dreamy feeling of sedation.

Although this feeling is common to many, the ASMR community is pretty new. People with exceptional sensitivity to ASMR-inducing sounds and touches are interacting and sharing their stories online. This has created a cottage industry of ASMR videos, which are specifically calibrated to provoke an ASMR response in the audience. ASMR enthusiasts are making these videos extremely successful, with the most popular earning millions of views.

Some marketers have taken note and are implementing ASMR-producing sounds in product placement and ad campaigns. For example, a TV spot may now include distinct sounds like a package crinkling or a cola can opening. This subtle audio change positively impacts people affected by ASMR.

The Interactive Marketing Angle

So, why is this new emerging ASMR audience a great one to cultivate? According to Google, the ASMR audience:

  • Skews young (the coveted 18 to 24 demographic)
  • Is exceptionally engaged
  • Features men and women
  • Is tech-savvy (and a good interactive marketing target)
  • Is very large and growing

Moreover, given the vast number of ASMR searches, it appears interest in this phenomenon is well ahead of the industry curve. This creates an opportunity for brands to get in early by implementing ASMR techniques into their marketing materials.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to interactive marketing, ASMR is a new trend to focus on. Are you listening?