What Top Advertising Firms Know

April 13, 2016

The world’s top advertising firms offer expert advice and create campaigns to grow your business. We help amplify and refine the essence of what makes your company what it is. And we help you communicate your message to your core audience and continually build awareness of your brand to fuel meaningful business growth. At Commit, we enjoy partnering with large national companies as well as smaller, boutique companies in a variety of industries. We may be just the right firm for you. Here’s what we know:

  • Customers are people like you: Of course, they’re not exactly like you in every respect—but the basics are somewhat universal. Things like: treat others with respect, treat them how you like to be treated, be altruistic and give before you get, share when you can, greet people with a smile (in other words, make them feel good around you, good when they visit your website, etc.), offer them something unique. These are the things you do for your best friends and they for you. You attract customers in the same way you attract friends. Top advertising firms know how to translate what’s unique about your brand, the true character of your business, and showcase it to your audience.
  • Customers remember how you treat them: Other competing businesses may offer virtually the same service to their customers, but you will win those customers whom you delight–the ones who feel valued. You will win those to whom you speak most clearly–to whom you offer the best customer experience. A top advertising firm magnifies your reach and allows you to create a relationship with your ideal prospective customers; those who need and are ready to buy your service—and helps you nurture those who may buy in future.
  • Customers seek the best, most fitting, most comfortable experience: Once you’ve found your niche and your perfect customers (the ones who will love and who most need your brand of service), you need a way to reach them. Your advertising copy, blog, website, social media and ads must all reflect who you are in a way your audience will understand. A top advertising firm will help you refine and magnify your unique identity and your unique message (your brand), and then amplify it to reach your audience.
  • Customers get distracted: Your customers remember how you treat them and the experience you give them—for awhile. So, as a business executive or owner, you must not only create relationships with them, but you must also continually nurture, maintain and grow the relationship. Otherwise, customers will be attracted by the next guy who comes along. A top advertising firm will help you keep your customers engaged with your brand for the long term.
  • You have a business to run: It’s likely that your area of expertise lies at the core of your business, not in advertising and marketing. If you are savvy in marketing, it’s likely you don’t have much time to dedicate to the crucial details of SEO and marketing strategy while you’re running your company everyday. You shouldn’t have to do it all—just hire the right people. You live your brand, while a top advertising firm amplifies your brand reach and perpetuates the brand to fuel your business growth.

When you’re ready to soar, your business needs a top advertising firm dedicated to helping you reach your audience and to keep prospects engaged. Find a top firm who will partner with you for success and business growth. At Commit Agency, we’ll put our expertise to work for you.