This is Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

October 3, 2018

CMO? This is for you. If you’re ping-ponging back and forth between outsourcing your marketing or hiring an internal team, know that a big reason why companies decide to outsource is to tap into the tools and talent that prove your marketing ROI to your fellow non-marketing executives.

As a CMO, you’re surrounded by leaders who are strictly about the numbers. For a CEO, COO, and other leaders who are mainly internally focused, it can be difficult to realize the external value of marketing and brand perception. So, what do you do to prove that value? Talk numbers.

Proving Marketing ROI

Imagine going into a meeting with something more compelling to say than simply, “We generated a lot of buzz.”

A digital marketing agency has the marketing analytics software you need to do just that. The best part is that the software is already up and running. Purchasing this type of technology for internal use is well-intended, but it can end up costing you more in training your staff and accounting for a period of learning. If you outsource your marketing, an agency will have a team of experts dedicated solely to analytics and reporting.

You already know that measuring campaign results is critical, but what you do with those results is where an agency can provide tremendous value. Understanding where you should tap the breaks and where you should rev the engine is valuable information. That knowledge provides strategic brand direction so you can save time and money that may have been spent on something that’s not going to contribute to your company’s bottom line.

Filling Niche Roles

If you went to your hiring manager, could you justify hiring a copywriter? How about a Facebook advertising manager?

These types of positions are niche roles that often aren’t approved for an internal marketing team. Even if they are, it’s often impossible to hire all the niche talent you need. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable roles, however. A copywriter, for example, is the one who brings a brand to life through a defined brand voice, and they’re essential in creating valuable brand content. Filling this talent gap is another reason why you should outsource your marketing.

Shift from Tactics to Strategy

If your marketing team is producing amazing work, but you’re not sure if it’s working, this is a sign that you need to outsource your marketing. An agency can partner with your team to provide the strategic layer that you need. There’s nothing more reassuring to a CMO than knowing your budget is being spent on things that will produce results. By focusing in on your strategy, you will become more intentional in your marketing efforts. Sometimes all it takes is some structure and guidance to get that amazing work seen by the right people.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great example of this. Your team might be producing the most engaging blog posts, but if they’re not optimized, they’re not being seen by the bulk of your target audience. SEO strategy is a resource that you can outsource to a marketing agency. Sure, you could hire a digital marketing manager, but having the technology and expertise already in place and ready to work is a big advantage of outsourcing your marketing.

What should you outsource?

As a CMO, you can choose to outsource everything from creative to website development. Depending on your marketing goals and the talent gap you need to fill, these are some of the areas you can outsource.


Consumer Definition
Identity Development


User Experience
Website Design
Mobile Applications

Social Media

Facebook Advertising
Content Calendars
Scheduling Posts
Content Creation


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Systems Integration

A full-service marketing agency is like an extension of your marketing team. But only at Commit Agency will the content team become well-versed in your brand voice, the SEO team will know your brand keywords like the back of their hand, and the leadership team will feel like family.