The Digital Imperative

February 17, 2016

We have lived in a digital world for a few decades now. All primary forms of communication, information and entertainment have moved to the digital space—a move that has required many companies to enlist the services of a digital marketing company. For every traditional medium there is now a digital alternative. This is not to say all of the formats we grew up with are headed toward obsoleteness, but their usage is shrinking as digital continues to grow.

The Impact of Digital

Consider how two primary mediums of advertising have changed drastically in recent years. Television is slowly moving away from broadcast to on-demand streams served over the Internet. Newspapers and magazines are moving online and reducing the amount of paper they print on, and in some cases, eliminating print editions completely.

So what does this have to do with your business? It’s quite simple: to be competitive today you need to not only exist in the digital space, you must take command of it.

Your company website is the first way most potential customers will find you. It must be responsive to different screen sizes and function on any platform—computer, phone or tablet. Real-time or immediate responses to customers on social networks are a necessity. Traditional print advertising campaigns must be seamlessly coordinated to appear on targeted websites and consumers’ mobile devices. E-commerce is necessary to stay competitive in a market where geographic boundaries are no longer a barrier for shoppers.

Why You Need an Effective Digital Marketing Company

If you’re not winning business in the digital sphere, your competitors will. When it comes to managing all facets of digital business, whether it’s advertising, defining your online brand, or consumer communications, you need an agency with a fully prepared digital department with expertise in all facets of digital marketing.

A strong digital marketing company is more than a website design and development team. It consists of search engine optimization experts and community managers creating conversations with consumers on social media. Content creators and curators manage your web properties while the digital advertising team makes ad buys, A/B tests messaging and interprets analytics. The e-commerce team manages your product offers and leads the consumer through the customer journey.

So, you’re ready to enter the digital space, or perhaps you find yourself struggling in it. Either way, we’re here to help you build on your prior successes. Let’s talk.