How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Partner With Your Marketing Team  

August 31, 2020

The list of essential benefits a digital marketing agency can provide a business as their marketing partner is long indeed. However, working with a digital marketing agency doesn’t have to mean a wholesale outsourcing of your marketing operations. In fact, it’s quite possible to benefit from the comprehensive, outside expertise a digital marketing agency provides while still executing or overseeing critical elements of your marketing efforts in-house. Let’s look at how such a partnership between an agency and your existing marketing team can create tremendous results for all parties involved.

Your Marketing Team Today

How your marketing team looks today depends on the size of your business. A bigger company might have a dozen people focused entirely on marketing. For a smaller business, though, that same marketing department might consist of a single person—or lesser yet, marketing efforts might be shared by a few different people at partial capacity, whose primary roles are not in marketing at all.

This means it’s very possible that your marketing team, while committed and hard-working, simply might not have the capacity nor the knowledge to function at the high level your brand might require. A marketing team whose bandwidth is restricted by such restrictions is a team that isn’t operating at its full potential. Even if succeeding at “getting by”, odds are high that blindspots exist. Part of marketing involves long-term strategy. If your in-house marketing team is stuck in the day-to-day fluctuations, or not able to see what the competition is doing, imagine how successful your company could be if things were different?

This poses a serious quandary for your organization. Your current marketing team is falling behind, not getting better. Worse, it presents competing brands with a golden opportunity to gain market share. And, that is not an opportunity you want to give away—especially if it’s avoidable.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help

Trying to get by with a bare-bones marketing team is a recipe for disaster. The good news is that, with just a little help from a digital marketing agency, your marketing can reach or even exceed its potential, without the long-term commitments or high price tags that make businesses wary of hiring an agency.

First and foremost, a digital marketing agency can take some items off the plate of your existing marketing team. All of those things that were always put off until later can finally be addressed. Items that got small amounts of attention can now become a focus. Best of all, your marketing team will feel rejuvenated and energized, helping them to do even more for your organization — all while improving morale and increasing employee loyalty.

A digital marketing agency also possesses technical abilities that might not be present within your company. Whereas your marketing team may have been trying to survive on yesterday’s technology, agencies that specialize in marketing have state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge devices. To purchase this equipment on your own would be cost-prohibitive. But when you partner with a digital marketing agency, you’ll have access to the latest innovations in the industry.

More important than the added manpower and new technology, though, is the vast upgrade in marketing know-how that you’ll experience. Agencies work in marketing all day, every day. They know what businesses are doing, they know what’s on the horizon and they know what methods aren’t working anymore. This expertise is invaluable, and it’s the biggest benefit you’ll realize when you work with an agency.

What Your Agency Can Do For You

Now that you understand how an agency can help, it’s time to shift into visualizing the possibilities of what a digital marketing agency can do for your marketing team. Let’s take a look at a few marketing mediums that might currently be above your head, but are well within your reach with the help of a marketing agency.

Content Marketing

If your company has a smaller marketing team, odds are good that a truly robust content marketing strategy has been, at best, never fully realized. Content marketing involves creating educational content surrounding critical aspects of your industry that add value to your brand and your products or services. Activating this successfully means your customers or audience connect with your company on an authentic level and who become long-term advocates or loyalists. The idea is to create an informed and connected consumer that chooses your brand not out of price sensitivity, but because of holistic value.

Content marketing is highly effective, but it does take time—and patience, long-term. For a small business, in particular, it’s not always easy to translate expertise into tangible content. A digital agency that’s well-versed in content marketing is able to translate this knowledge successfully in a variety of channels, leveraging targeted content into social media, email campaigns, blogs, videos, podcasts and so much more. Visually alone, an agency can help to create compelling, professional, and eye-catching assets quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

While you don’t necessarily require a full-service agency to activate or utilize social media marketing, you absolutely need one to leverage the power of social media as effectively as possible and to its fullest potential. From content development and curation to targeting and optimization, just because you have a Facebook page or YouTube channel doesn’t mean you’re making it worth your time and efforts—especially if bandwidth restricts your full focus.

An overcommitted marketing team maintains, but not thrives, on social media. A good digital marketing agency, though, understands the differences between the platforms—the nuances. They can outline a nimble strategy that helps your brand get noticed, grow an authentic following, and support larger marketing and conversion efforts. Agencies can look beyond likes or raw audience count, diving deep instead into more meaningful insights like engagement and referrals. In short, a digital marketing agency can develop and execute an optimized social media strategy that can make a difference not only to your company’s bottom line but to your brand’s long-term health and durability as well.

Influencer Marketing

While not always obvious, never discount the priceless power of a well-executed influencer marketing strategy. Developing brand advocates and high-quality original content partners outside of your direct channels continues to grow in priority as a legitimate marketing tool worth investing in.

It’s not just about working with influencers, it’s about working with the right influencers. A digital marketing agency has the tools and resources available to research, vet, engage, and track those critical relationships that will ultimately only benefit your brand through advocacy, exposure and content marketing support.

Marketing Strategies

If you’re a business that has good marketing ideas but who lacks the necessary time or resources to execute what you need effectively and timely, that’s where a good digital marketing agency can benefit you most. It’s the little things that you don’t always have the time to focus and execute on that present the biggest opportunity for an agency partnership.

An effective agency can help your company realize a comprehensive marketing strategy from start to finish. From foundational items like email marketing to emerging strategies that capitalize on the latest trends and tools, such as experience-based marketing, the value can be endless. Thanks to a potential agency partnership, your marketing team has a world of meaningful potential that may have never been realized. Working with a digital marketing agency can help bring that potential to the forefront. For more information about how Commit Agency can help your marketing team to achieve greatness, contact us today.