Exploring Arizona Through a Lens: Must-Visit Locations for Instagram-Worthy Pictures

March 15, 2024

At Commit, we totally get how crucial it is to nail your social media game and curate that perfect Instagram feed. We know that nowadays, each picture tells a story and can really vibe with your followers. From big cities to small businesses, everyone’s getting in on the action, hoping to catch a bit of that Insta-magic for themselves.

And hey, Arizona isn’t missing out on the fun either. Sure, you’ve got your cowboy boots and cacti, but there’s a whole lot more going on here. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer, a budding photographer, or simply someone who loves to share life’s moments with friends and followers, we believe that every image deserves to be captured with care and intentionality. 

From trendy restaurants, swanky resorts and incredible views, we’ll share our top spots that will make your followers swoon. 

The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale 

Nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain and offering unparalleled luxury, this oasis is a haven for photo enthusiasts. From a picturesque cactus garden to glistening waterfalls, every corner offers the perfect backdrop for capturing moments of pure bliss. 

Whether you’re ready to relax at The Phoenician Spa, dress up for a nice sunset dinner at J&G Steakhouse, or chase the sun for a day at one of their pools, every spot at the resort offers a beautiful spot for a photo. 

Women wearing a large white hat
Model: @franchelaulises Photographer: Sasha Pauszek

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale

With its lush grounds and luxurious amenities, every corner offers the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, indulging in a spa treatment, or savoring a delicious meal, moments at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort are always an opportunity to capture the essence of resort living. 

3 Women having drinks by the pool at Scottsdale Plaza Resort
Models: @smashinglyashley_ @crystalreneern @sunnyjennadanielle Photographer: Rochelle Perez

Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona

Embark on a journey of enchantment in Sedona, where the stunning red rock formations and vibrant desert landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop for adventure and relaxation alike.

Nestled amidst this natural wonderland is Amara Resort & Spa, a luxurious retreat that offers striking Instagram-worthy views of Sedona’s iconic red rocks. Whether you’re exploring the nearby hiking trails, rejuvenating with a spa treatment, or simply soaking in the serene beauty from the comfort of your room, every moment at Amara is a testament to the magic of Sedona, and the perfect snapshot for your Instagram feed. 

2 women enjoying the views at Salt Rock Kitchen
Model: @miss_rizzo Photographer: Rochelle Perez

Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest

It’s super bloom season in Arizona. Wildflower fields are bursting with color and creating a tapestry of vibrant backdrops for your next photo. Remember, when you visit natural areas in Arizona, leave no trace and be respectful of the beauty of our state. 

Super Bloom at Bartlett lake
Super Bloom at Bartlett lake

Antelope Canyon, Page

Everyone knows about the breathtaking Grand Canyon, but close by is another natural wonder. Antelope Canyon is a surreal and awe-inspiring experience, where the intricate sandstone formations carved by wind and water create a breathtaking natural wonder.

It’s essential to remember the importance of being respectful of your visit. Antelope Canyon is not only a geological marvel but also a sacred site for the Navajo people. It’s crucial to honor their traditions and guidelines while exploring this sacred space. 


Stay on designated paths, refrain from touching the walls, and avoid leaving any trace of your visit behind. By treading lightly and showing reverence for the canyon’s natural and cultural significance, you can ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience its beauty as well.

Man Travel Arizona Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

Goldfield Ghost Town, Apache Junction

Get ready to put on your best pair of cowboy boots and take a step back in history. Goldfield Ghost Town is a fun, local favorite for our team that’s right against the beautiful Superstition Mountains. From mine tours, horseback riding, reptile exhibits, western shows, saloons and more, it’s a western and historic favorite here in the Valley.

Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction Arizona USA
Goldfield Ghost Town

Mission San Xavier Del Bac, Tucson

Heading south, this mission stands as a beautiful part of our state’s history and cultural heritage. Commonly known as the “White Dove of the Desert” for its striking white façade, this historic Spanish Catholic mission blends architectural styles, adorned with intricate carvings, colorful frescoes, and ornate details that are perfect for photos. A visit to Mission San Xavier del Bac is an immersive journey into the heart and soul of Arizona’s past. 

Mission San Xavier del Bac Church in Tucson, Arizona
Mission San Xavier del Bac Church

Graze Burgers, Tucson

On your way back from visiting the famous mission, stop for a delicious meal and photo opp at Graze Burgers in Tucson. This is one of our go-to spots for a fun and delectable meal. With bright colors, delicious shakes and mouth-watering burgers, this is the perfect spot to make all your Instagram followers jealous (and hungry).


2 women charing burgers at Graze Premium Burgers in Tucson
Photographer: Rochelle Perez

Choice Greens, Tucson

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Graze Burgers is another one of our favorite food joints in the Southwest. Choice Greens has healthy and delicious options for those who want fresh and healthy dining options. These salads and food plates are not only savory, but beautiful for your next food photographer moment. 


Women holding a Strawberry Salad
Photographer: Rochelle Perez

Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover the gems of your own backyard or a traveler seeking new horizons, Arizona’s Instagram-worthy hotspots are sure to inspire wanderlust and leave a lasting impression. 

So, until next time, keep exploring, keep snapping and keep sharing your Arizona adventures with the world!