Rebel Reels | Defining and Discovering Your Brand

June 26, 2024

Creating an impactful and seamless customer journey starts with a well-defined brand. Look at Disney, Apple, Nike, and every other powerhouse brand. They know who they are, what they stand for, and most importantly, how to connect with their target audience to inspire repeat sales.

At Commit, we understand that defining a solid foundation for your brand—based on in-depth research and an understanding of consumer behavior—is paramount to your success. In our second episode of Rebel Reels, Jade Frazier, Social Media Manager, and Lanny Ward, Creative Director, discuss successful branding and tips for defining your brand.

What is a brand?

Lanny: “For over a century, ranchers would physically brand cattle with a unique mark of the ranch. More of a way to determine who’s was who’s. “Brand” has evolved to encompass the personality and properties of a company or product. This involves not just who they are, but what they are about.”

What is the difference between brand definition and branding?

Lanny: “Defining or discovering your brand is a process. It’s the heart of your brand, the essence of your brand…the emotional story. What makes a company who they are and defines why they exist. It’s about understanding at a foundational level who you are.

Branding, on the other hand, is putting the face upon the brand. The logo, the colors, the fonts, the style and feel, and so on.”

What is a brand experience?

Lanny: “A brand experience is any touch point from website & email to physical store or hotel. This could be branded signage, the way people greet you, the phone script if people call, the overall feeling you get when you interact with a business or company.”

What are the most important things to consider when creating and building a brand?

Lanny: “Probably also the hardest thing…to find your ‘why’. Most companies can say why they were originally created, but lose sight of that over time as they try to grow, build, acquire, and manage all that tactfully.

But, you have to reestablish your ‘why’ and hang on to that because that’s what distinguishes you from everyone else. It’s like with individuals. If you know who you are and what you’re all about, you can move forward meaningfully, and more importantly, people will be able to identify with you and join you in that journey.”

Why is understanding the value of a brand so important to maintain?

Lanny: “All the reasons above, plus it helps you make hard decisions. Brands are as much about what not to engage in and much as what you should do.”

What’s the difference between balancing brand and promotional advertising?

Lanny: “Everyone has a great deal going on at any given time. The market is oversaturated with it, and the louder the voices, the harder it is to hear anything, even what you want to hear.

So if you forsake your brand message and only spend time getting short-term deal-seekers in the front door hoping to keep them, you erode your ability to connect meaningfully with them and build loyalty. Seldomly do people connect meaningfully to ongoing promos, unless that’s all you’re about.

But that’s not what people really want. They want to connect with why you do business, and enjoy a deeper bond with your company…and you don’t have to work as hard then to sell your product, because they already want to. And you can often charge more frankly!”

In today’s competitive world, establishing a strong brand identity is more crucial than ever. Brand loyalty isn’t just about providing a product or service that customers want; it’s about creating a connection that keeps them coming back, even in a crowded marketplace or during economic downturns.

At Commit, we excel in helping businesses uncover their unique identity, understand their audience, and develop strategies that foster deep, lasting relationships with their customers. Ready to elevate your brand and create a journey that resonates with your audience on a profound level? Let’s get started—because when it comes to building brand loyalty, there’s no better time to commit to your brand’s future.

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