Best Strategies for Website QA

February 9, 2018

A website project is not fully completed until it has gone through the quality assurance stage. Before the launch date, QA testing is done to make sure everything is working properly and doesn’t provide any issues for your site users. Here are the best strategies that Commit Agency has implemented for website QA.

Recruit a Great QA Team

Krystal, Commit’s Lead Developer, says that it’s important to have a variety of assistance when checking the quality assurance of a website. This includes “those who have been a part of the project since day one to those that are new to it.” But before you recruit others, make sure they are willing to fully commit to the task at hand, otherwise they will be of no help to you.

Use QA software to Assist

One way to QA efficiently is to implement appropriate software. Bugherd is a favorite of ours, but there are many good ones to choose from. With this software, you can share the website with your QA team and they can make comments directly on the page or link that needs adjusting.

Invite the Client to QA

If you’re working with clients, invite them to get involved. Even if you have twelve people QA’ing for you, it never hurts to include the client with whom the website was created for. Catherine, Commit’s Project and Traffic Manager, states that this “allows the client to make a sort of ‘check off list’ for launch.”

Cover All of Your Bases

Most people forget that even though your website may be fully functional on a desktop, it may not perform the same on a mobile device. In fact, the same is true when checking browsers, is your interactive website working properly on Safari, or does is only work on Chrome? It’s detrimental that you QA not only on a desktop, but on all forms of browsers and devices as well.

Keep a Developer Close By

In our experience, it’s ideal to keep a developer standing by whenever we have a QA session. That way, edits can be made immediately rather than on a later date. Thankfully, our developers at Commit Agency are readily available to make changes in an instant.

Do you have other strategies that have worked well for you in the past? We’d love to hear about them! Drop a comment below.