Are you Ready to Hire a Marketing Agency? Take this Quiz to Find Out.

August 2, 2018

The saying “there’s not enough time in the day” holds true for pretty much any business owner, especially those who are convinced they can manage multiple roles to save a buck. While it might sound feasible to run your business and handle the marketing, in reality, it’s a pretty big task to take on. In order to stay relevant and survive in today’s competitive market, it’s critical that your company is represented online—though it’s not as easy as it sounds.

If you’re struggling with whether or not to hire a marketing agency right now, take this short quiz below:

What are some of your short-term goals?

A). Building my brand, becoming more visible online, getting new customers, etc.

B). Making money fast.


The areas I’d like to focus on are…

A). Running advertisements, managing social media, website maintenance, SEO and building an online presence.

B). Social media and website only.


Do you feel your business is growing like it should be?

A). No—I’m currently in a rut and need help.

B). No—but I’m ok with it because I’m afraid to take on too much.


When you look at your budget you think…

A). I could afford the expense right now.

B). I’m just getting by.


My competitors…

A). Use a marketing agency.

B). Do their own marketing.


The marketing campaigns I come up with are…

A). Pretty much non-existent

B). Performing at a level I feel confident in.


I feel ______ my business’s digital presence.

A). unsure about

B). satisfied with


Are you ready to take this huge burden off your plate and free up some time to do other things?

A). Absolutely! Where do I sign up?

B). Nah-I’ll keep grinding.



If you answered mainly A’s — you’re ready to hire a marketing agency! Once you’ve prepared a list of goals and a general budget, contact us online or by phone at 480-921-3220.

If you answered mainly B’s – you may not be ready for a marketing agency at this time. The good news is that whenever you feel ready, we’ll be here waiting for your call.



Are you feeling eager to hire a marketing agency that will take the stress of finding the right customers and reaching your target audience off your back? Contact us today. We’d love to help you put the power of the internet to work for your business.