5 Ways Brands Can Make Their Debut on BeReal  

September 30, 2022

It goes without saying, social media is an essential component of modern marketing for all brands regardless of goals or audience. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even newer platforms like TikTok have become foundational advertising tools for businesses around the world. As we also know, there’s always something new on the horizon when it comes to social media. And, BeReal just might be the next big social media phenomenon.

screenshot of bere.al/en

Screenshot of bere.al/en taken September, 2022

What is BeReal?

One common criticism of social media is the lack of transparency. For instance, people can use a fake name on Facebook or post and share content they didn’t create or capture. Large influencers and content creators are common content manipulators who will post highly-filtered or edited images to their social platforms, ultimately distorting reality.

Many TikToks and/or Instagram posts in particular are heavily edited. And, everything about someone’s Twitter presence can be entirely fabricated. With so much information out there, factual and otherwise, it’s hard for people to know who they’re really dealing with on social media.

BeReal aims to solve the issue of transparency in a unique way. BeReal is a social media platform that revolves around one push notification that all members get at the same time, no matter where they live in the world. When that notification comes in, users must take one photo at that time and upload it to BeReal. The idea is to present an authentic view of that individual, at specific moments in time.

What’s unique about BeReal is that uploaded photos are only shared with friends, unless the user wants to make their profile public. Instead of encouraging high follower and like counts, BeReal is concerned solely with creating enthusiasm around the daily photo upload and the conversations that follow.

Another quirk that’s specific to BeReal is that both the forward-facing camera and the selfie camera take a photo at the same time. This allows friends to see both the picture taker as well as the photo they’re attempting to take.

Lastly, BeReal requires all users to upload their daily photo before they can view photos posted by their friends. This incentivizes all users to participate. If they don’t do their part by sharing their lives, they won’t get to see what their friends are up to.

BeReal and Brands

On the surface, BeReal doesn’t exactly seem like the best fit for businesses and brands. For one thing, BeReal posts are only shared between friends, unless the user specifically makes their profile public. There are no follower counts, and the photo taker is part of every picture uploaded to the platform. Why, then, would a brand want to be on BeReal?

The Answer — Why Not?

Social media is all about having fun — or, at least, it’s supposed to be. And BeReal is fun! Most brands post a daily photo to their social media platforms. Why not do something a little different with BeReal? Brands can use something outside of their usual pictures, and they can showcase the different members of their teams in their daily posts.

While brands won’t be able to amass popularity on BeReal the way they can on other platforms, they can still show off their playful sides while increasing customer engagement and encouraging brand loyalty. It’s a quick action once per day, and it can lead to customers who are even more strongly tied with their favorite brands.

Perhaps the best reason to be on BeReal is that most brands haven’t discovered the platform yet. That gives your business the opportunity to capitalize on an emerging trend before it really takes off.

Sure, there’s a chance BeReal flames out eventually. But wouldn’t it be great to be on a burgeoning site before the competition? Your status as a forward-thinking marketer could be boosted by making the right choice.

With that said, how do you make the ideal start on BeReal? Here are five ways you can get started on BeReal.

Announce Your Arrival

The friends-only nature of BeReal makes it difficult to simply throw up a “Hello world” post the way you might do on other social media apps because nobody will see it. In fact, your company won’t have an audience on BeReal at all based on your posts on the platform alone. That’s why it’s important to hype up your BeReal debut on your other social media accounts.

You can go about this in one of two ways. You can simply announce to your followers on Facebook and Instagram that you’re now part of BeReal, and show people where they can find you.

An alternative would be to promote a big announcement to build anticipation of your BeReal debut, and then launch your page the day that your countdown ends. Going this route means potentially building up excitement, so it’s important to manage expectations and not get people too excited about what’s to come.

In either case, you’ll want to use your existing social media platforms to funnel traffic over to BeReal. From there, you’ll have to use BeReal well.

Put Forth Your Best

Because BeReal doesn’t let people view previous posts you’ve made, you can’t rely on a large backlog of pictures to entice potential followers. All you can do is get consumers to follow your page and hope to impress them with your content. That’s something you’ll have to work on every day.

New followers will only see your most recent post. So, in a sense, every post is an introduction. Give those followers a reason to stay by showing them a new side of your brand. Your posts don’t have to solely revolve around your brand, either.

Since the push notification to post will come at a different time each day, you can “be real” in a variety of ways. If you operate a food truck, for instance, you could post a sunset and it would be both authentic and highly compelling, even if it doesn’t feature your food at all. After all, you have plenty of other avenues to post your food offerings.

Be unique, be creative, and use your surroundings and your daily events to dictate what you post each day. Keep it fresh and true to your brand’s vision, and your followers will be appreciative.

Give Something Different

As we saw with the food truck example, most brands have at least one other social media account they can use for “normal” social media posts. So if you were to simply mirror those on BeReal, what’s the point of being on the platform?

The good thing about BeReal is that your posts have to come from the in-app camera. In other words, you’re not allowed to take the easy way out by posting pre-existing brand assets. You’ll have to think outside the box, and that’s a good thing — because your goal should be to show a different side of your company.

People are following you because they want something different. It’s your job to give it to them. Don’t just post the same things you typically post on social media. Instead, show pictures of events you attend, store events you hold, and whatever is going on in your local area. Show people how your products are made, the deliveries you get, and some behind-the-scenes content they can’t get anywhere else.

The platform is called BeReal, not BeFake. Be real with your audience, and let their loyalty to your brand increase with every post.

Follow Other Businesses

Since BeReal doesn’t publish follower counts, your brand could theoretically follow a limitless number of people and hope for follows back. In doing so, you could quickly gain popularity on the platform. Great idea, right?

Not exactly. First off, everyone hates when they get followed, then follow that account in return, and then immediately get unfollowed. So don’t do that to people. More importantly, though, you’re not trying to make connections with random people. Instead, you want to draw in people that are most likely to interact with your brand. And while it’s possible random customers might follow your BeReal page in return, there’s just as good a chance you could alienate those consumers instead.

Following other local businesses, though, is a great idea. That’s because this can be a way to get to know one another a bit better. That’s the main goal behind BeReal for ordinary users — to attain a deeper level of friendship with those they follow.

The same holds true for businesses. Get familiar with businesses in your area with similar values, and use BeReal to learn more about them. The seeds of friendship you sow now could lead to valuable partnerships down the road.

Don’t Sell Anything

Marketers are always taught that their social media posts have to sell something. Whether they’re pushing promo codes or links to the company website, social media posts always have an ulterior motive.

That’s not the case on BeReal. As we’ve seen, brands can’t post proper marketing materials, and since they need to post right away upon getting their daily push notification, it’s not the ideal location for a call to action anyway. In fact, BeReal is the opposite of a commerce-driven social media platform. Don’t treat it that way.

Instead, put the “always be closing” mentality to rest, and just have a bit of fun. Highlight the best features of your brand, and showcase what makes it different from competing brands. Live in the moment, and use BeReal to show the daily life of your brand and the people behind it.

It goes against many of the typical social marketing principles, but that’s kind of the point. Be real, and just focus on what’s happening with your brand right now, without worrying about what your company will get out of your post.

BeReal is just starting to gain traction as a major player in the social media space, and major brands that use the platform are few – but growing. That makes this the perfect time for your business to look into what BeReal has to offer and how best to leverage it as part of your larger content or marketing strategy. If you’d like to learn more about BeReal, contact us at Commit Agency today.