How An Advertising Agency Builds Business Credibility

December 11, 2015

What is credibility? It turns out that “credibility” is a word with a broad meaning and that encompasses many more familiar words. An advertising agency would use credibility to capture a lot of little, but positive, pieces of a business’s profile. [bctt tweet=”Credibility is a key factor in converting shoppers to buyers, and buyers to loyal customers.”] Credibility also is a means of attracting visitors to your site or for local marketing to your store. If you are curious about how credibility becomes a tool for your business to grow, just keep reading.

What is the Credibility Umbrella?

As mentioned, the word credibility is a broad term with a lot of little, but positive words within it. Words like brand, trust, authority, all come together to help form the concept of credibility. Which again changes depending on who you are. There are relationships within the business world such as those between a seller and a customer or a seller and a supplier. There are dynamic relationships such as those that exist between competitors. All of these are tied together by credibility.

As you can see, building credibility is somewhat complex. An advertising agency looks at all of these factors and works to elevate so that consumers and businesses — B2B or B2C — feel impelled to trust your company or brand.

How is Credibility Measured?

How do you know if you have good credibility or not? One place to look is customer satisfaction. Are your customers satisfied with the quality and value of your products? Are they satisfied with how you treat them? Customer satisfaction boils down to respect and trust. Can your customers trust your products, and do you value them as consumers? Regarding authority, does your company hold key awards and certifications within your industry? If you sell green products, do you have green certifications that show your consumers that your products really are green? If you are in the healthcare industry, do you have memberships or certifications that show you are an authority within your specialty?

Credibility is a sum of all of these parts and more. If you are unsure where you stand regarding credibility, or if you want to improve the credibility of your company, consider working with an advertising agency to measure and build your company’s credibility rating.

Can you gain market share by raising your business’s credibility? Absolutely.