5 Strategies to Boost your Brand Presence

January 5, 2018

Your business can never have enough exposure. Not only should your company be present, your product or service should also create a lasting impression and stand out to your audience. The goal of marketing is to have your target audience think of you, and your company, when they are ready to buy. Are you doing everything you can to build up your brand? Here are 5 strategies that you can experiment with to boost your brand presence.

1). Create a Standout Personality

If you’ve been watching football at all this season, you’re probably aware of Bud Light’s latest viral campaign “Dilly Dilly.” Although we’re still not sure what the phrase even means, we’re hooked by its humorous feel and Game of Thrones reference. The lesson here? Create a fun and unique identity for your brand, if it fits your style.

2). Host a Social Media Contest

Everyone loves a good freebie. If you haven’t seen much engagement on your social platforms lately, try hosting a social media contest to revive your audience (and hopefully gain more followers). Check out some examples and create your own through Woobox.

3). Blog (Regularly)

The more your brand is mentioned online, the better it will perform against competitors. Of course, you don’t want to simply go around typing your brand name in every comment section you find. Take time to write content that relates to your brand and post it to your website at least once a month. Blogs are generally 300-1200 words long and contain useful, valuable information without sounding too biased.

4). Focus on Re-marketing

Have you ever visited a webpage and clicked on a product, then seen it follow you from site to site (even after you’ve clicked out of it)? This is called re-marketing. It’s effective because it reminds potential customers what they’re missing out on, and gives them a chance to come back with a simple click. Even if they’re not interested in the product anymore, your brand is still in their head.

5). Find an Influencer in your Industry

Partnering with a well-known influencer can be a huge boost to your brand awareness. You don’t automatically have to dish out a huge check to a social media star. Simply partner with someone in your industry that isn’t a competitor. Once you link up with an influencer, take the opportunity to use their network to promote your brand.

Looking to effortlessly boost your brand presence? Try these tips and let us know if they worked! For additional help improving consumer awareness and making your brand stand out among the competition, contact Commit Agency today.