Just call us ingenious masterminds. Really. Do it. We mean, we were using analytics to craft ninja campaigns long before others were even dipping their toes into the data pond. And as we’ve continued to evolve, our think tank has developed kickass proprietary algorithms to discern where and how consumers are interacting… then use that intelligence to create some seriously superior campaigns and experiences that get noticed.

So, how do we achieve this magical analytics badassery we speak of? Let’s start with the basics, and by basics, we mean the stuff your agency should be doing when it comes to marketing analytics, but we do better. Yeah, we said it.

First of all, we are passionate about staying up-to-date with digital technology developments. Since most of our team holds certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads and other channels, keeping your brand ahead of the curve is our charge. Our advanced proficiency in database software and Looker Studio also helps us create visually engaging reports based on data from sales, Google Analytics (always the latest version, of course, because we’re forward-thinking that way), Google Business Profile, paid search, organic search, digital display, organic social, social ads, traditional media, email marketing, etc., to keep you fully in the loop on your brand’s performance and any improvements that can be made. Plus, Looker Studio reports are live dashboards that you can access at any time to see how your campaigns are performing, so you’ll never have to wait for your next status call or reporting meeting to know what’s up.

We’re also fully dedicated to teamwork and collaboration at Commit. It’s more than the open-space work environment. We engage and work with each department within the agency to develop meaningful insights, giving you the benefit of a massive braintrust. In conjunction with this ongoing collab, we are then able to propose optimization recommendations based upon performance data and the input of human thoughts. Oh, the humanity of bringing humans into data! But we do it. And in the process get superior results. Who woulda thunk it?

What’s the benefit of all of this for you? As early adopters of Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio), our custom reports are actually meaningful, and easy to understand, for your company. We get that you don’t have the same key performance indicators (KPIs) of our other clients. Therefore, we’re going to personalize your report structure by customizing the metrics and dimensions that are pulled into each report in ways that are relevant to you and use every report as an opportunity to improve. Moreover, when available, we include actual business metrics in your reports so you can see the impact our efforts are producing for your business.

It’s that ROI thing again, baby. So when you’re looking for a marketing agency that will provide you with real, measurable results, remember Commit. Because we’re that agency.