Mystery Shopping

We understand that every business wants to provide great customer experiences. We also understand it can be difficult to verify those extraordinary experiences you’re trying to achieve from an insider’s perspective alone. Maybe you’re using reviews as a guide for improvement. While not without its merits as a way to gauge customer sentiment (check out our Ratings and Reviews Analysis service), the perception of a single person isn’t very helpful in developing an overarching plan for success.

We have the solution.

Commit uses secret shoppers to capture the existing customer experience at every touchpoint, compiling the feedback electronically throughout the process to pinpoint with laser accuracy problematic areas throughout the customer journey. This broad-spectrum approach allows us to capture these experiences verbatim and in real time through technology that can quickly and accurately correlate the results.

So, while one customer’s bad experience may not wreak havoc on your bottom line, we want to help proactively identify (and rectify) points of friction to ensure your brand advocates have an experience they want to repeat and share.

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