Media Planning & Buying

Whether you are looking for a media plan involving connected TV, print, radio, traditional TV, targeting, retargeting, geofencing, guerrilla marketing or anything in between, Commit’s media team will work to reach your target audience using the most influential and impactful media outlets available for your budget. Our process for media begins by evaluating the product or service we are selling, along with the target audience we want to reach, to decide the best approach for them to receive messaging. Once these audiences have been identified for the best opportunities, we evaluate and refine based on cost per impression and reach. With this information, we build a plan that is designed to produce the best ROI for you.

Many agencies can claim the same process for media planning and buying, but what sets Commit apart is how we go about it. We buy for you just as if we were buying for our own company, negotiating the best rates we can. It’s a skill, this negotiation biz, but we love it. We’re dang good at it. And, gosh darn it, our customers love us for it.