Commit Agency Reveals: Best Digital Marketing Creative from Cannes Lions Festival

August 24, 2018

Working at a digital marketing agency has its benefits. For one, you get to see really cool things being produced every single day.

To my left is the social media team. They’re constantly chatting back and forth about the latest updates that were just released that morning. I love listening to their conversations because it keeps me in the know.

When they’re not talking about what’s going on in Facebook-land, they’re analyzing how their client’s posts are performing and strategizing a plan to increase their engagement. This leads to some pretty awesome video creations.

Sitting across the room from me is the account management team. They run this place. I’m pretty sure every morning they do a group huddle, yell “break,” and shuffle back to their desks to answer fifty urgent emails, all while managing 20 other things due by the end of the day. Their incredible ability and work ethic are unmatched. I think they’ve got superpowers. I’m not joking.

Don’t get me started with our digital team, who are again, across the room from me. They’re pretty much all rock stars at what they do. Someone who stares at numbers all day and actually enjoys it is a completely different breed to me. On the other hand, I stare at words all day, so does that make me a different breed to them? Hmmm. Something to think about.

And then there’s the creative team behind me. They get to look at pretty pictures all day long. And by pretty pictures, I mean amazingly engaging visuals. From infographics to banner ads to brand books, they’re diligently working to transform our client’s message into easy-to-digest content.

At Commit Agency, we’re fortunate enough to have designers that have loads of experience. For example, Richard, our associate creative director has been in the biz for just about 20 years.

When the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival announced their winners back in June, he spent hours sifting through campaigns trying to find his favorite examples to show the agency.

The first campaign that caught his eye was called Built-In Pins, a bronze winner in the Social and Influencer Lions category.

Built-In Pins, an innovative campaign for The Home Depot on Pinterest, showed first-time homebuyers how to transform a space from start to finish. How is this groundbreaking, you ask? The agency who developed this campaign worked closely with Pinterest to create time-lapse video and 360-degree pins, the first ever on the platform.

So, naturally, we had to see it for ourselves.

Best Digital Marketing Creative

Source: Pinterest

While we scrolled through the 40 pins, we discovered how-to blogs, clickable items to shop directly from the room, and a 360-degree experience we wish all pins gave us.

We think this campaign is the start of something epic for the platform and we’re excited to see how we can implement it into our own strategy.

The next campaign that caught Richard’s attention was the Palau Pledge, which took home two Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions.

When Richard presented this to us, it blew me away.

This campaign is dedicated to preserving the nation of Palau’s environment and ensuring that visitors and residents hold themselves responsible for future generations.

Watch the case study below and see why every country should start implementing something similar…

Although there are many Cannes Lions Festival winners, these two caught our attention.

At Commit Agency, we are constantly looking to the future for the next big thing.

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