cite sources

The Correct Way to Cite Sources/Repost Content (in Blogs and on Social Media)

April 16, 2020

As a content writer at a marketing agency, I know how important it is to properly cite sources in our client’s blogs as well as social media posts. Not only [...]

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How to Position Your Brand For Success in Challenging Times

April 8, 2020

As businesses and brands continue to adapt to a new normal amidst such unprecedented times, it’s more critical than ever that leaders remain nimble, educated and well-equipped to guide their [...]

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decrease website bounce rate

How to Reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate in 2020

March 25, 2020

With nearly 2 billion websites currently on the Internet, and growing every minute, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your site is effectively optimized for the best user experience [...]

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digital advertising techniques

10 Digital Advertising Techniques to Get Results

March 13, 2020

Digital advertising is a form of advertising for small businesses. Because you’re able to get very specific with your target audience and messaging, it can be very effective. Reaching the [...]

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content marketing

Content Marketing In 2020

February 21, 2020

In 2020, simply having a website is no longer going to keep you afloat in the competitive and already congested digital space. Nowadays, companies are relying on multiple channels to [...]

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What is Google My Business? | Blog | Commit Agency

What is Google My Business?

February 12, 2020

Google My Business helps consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for every day -- and most of those consumers don’t even know it exists. Businesses, however, need to become [...]

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