Why Having a Data Studio Expert Matters

April 6, 2018

In today’s digital age, it’s an exciting time to be a marketer. Marketing departments have shifted from teams of art-based advertisers and public relators to data-driven thinkers tasked with predicting consumer behavior. Every marketing dollar spent is being closely analyzed. With smarter strategies comes the burden of keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

If you’re part of a data-driven marketing team, you’ve likely had to climb your way out of being knee deep in insights. Did your analysis pay off? Whether or not you’ve seen success yet with your data-driven strategy, any good marketer knows of the tremendous value that consumer insights provide. Deciphering those insights, though, is not easy. That’s where we come in.

Google Data Studio is the latest tool designed to help marketers analyze their data. I sat down with our in-house digital marketing guru, Jonathan, to understand why having a Data Studio expert matters.

AdWords, Keywords, Analytics…so many things! What is Data Studio?

Data Studio is a reporting tool provided by Google. It allows the agency to break down some of the silos that are created by the segmented departments of marketing – paid search, social, Facebook Ads, etc. It gives us the ability to be fully transparent with clients, providing an up-to-date report for performance across all channels.

Why is it important for businesses to understand customer data?

It’s critical for brands to look at people through a multi-channel lens. The traditional funnel doesn’t exist anymore. Customers can come from any one of your various digital channels and land on your site to convert. It is key to accurately attribute conversions and understand the role that each channel plays within a customer’s journey. This allows businesses to place their marketing dollars where it matters most for their brand.

What kind of report should a client expect from Data Studio?

Data Studio reports present data in a meaningful and digestible manner. Much of the reports are customizable, giving us the ability to tailor to each client’s needs.

The most important aspect is that everything is in one place. Data from multiple sources can live within the same report, providing a snapshot of your performance across channels. We no longer need to supply clients with separate reports for each department.

This Data Studio business sounds great, but many marketers just don’t need another thing on their plate. Why should they invest their time in this new tool?

You could continue providing segmented reports, each department reporting separately on their own performance and searching for insights. Or, you could use Data Studio, which compiles data in a central location and promotes cross-departmental collaboration.

There is a myriad of other reporting tools available on the market, many of which cost a pretty penny and cut into your ROI. Data Studio, however, is free, you just need to learn how to use it.

It’s one thing to dabble in data, but it’s another thing to be a master at creating beautiful data reports that add brand value. This is why having a Data Studio expert matters. Reach out to us at Commit Agency to get started with Data Studio reporting.