Should I Create a Pinterest Account For My Business?

February 6, 2019


Yes, you should. It would be a very smart idea to create a Pinterest account for your business.


You’re still here? Okay, consider this the “long story short” version but in reverse.

Last year, our agency hopped on board the Pinterest train. In fact, I wrote up a whole blog detailing how we went about using it at an agency level. To this day, we remain active on the platform as we see, month over month, the value that comes from sharing our stories, our work, and the things that inspire our team with our audience. Not only that, we’ve recognized and experienced the power of Pinterest Ads and have seen great success in implementing them with our clients’ social strategies.

The platform is a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses all over the world. If there’s any resolution to make in 2019, it’s getting your brand on the map with a Pinterest business account.

Here’s why:

  • Pinterest is currently home to over 250 million active monthly users.
  • 84% of Pinterest users use the platform when deciding what to purchase.
  • Pinterest users spend an average of over 14 minutes on the platform. With each visit!
  • 93% of active Pinners plan for purchases by using Pinterest.
  • Nearly 70% of users have discovered a new brand or product through pins.

Source: via GIPHY

Need some more reasons?

  • Utilizing Pinterest Ads gives you access to run campaigns that can drive awareness, increase website traffic, boost in-store or online sales, and deliver a variety of actions.
  • 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins they saw from brands.
  • 87% of proactive Pinners purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Source: via GIPHY

Need even more reasons? I’d suggest taking a look at some of the Pinterest Success Stories from some big brands. They truly are quite eye-opening.

If Pinterest sounds like the platform you’d like to get started on and you’d like some help in figuring out your strategy, contact our team today.