How to Write a Blog for Your Business

January 22, 2019

No one reads anymore.

As a copywriter, that’s one of my favorite things to hear around the office. And I hear it a lot! It’s true that as digital marketing continues to grow, we’re seeing video outpace other forms of content. This year, internet video traffic is on track to account for 80% of all consumer online traffic.

But could you imagine if all the words disappeared from the internet? The underlying truth in this snarky one-liner is that consumers are seeking quick, valuable information online. Engaging content is more important than ever if you want to stand out from the competition.

How to Write a Blog for Your Business:

When writing a business blog, you need a strategic and smart writer who can get to the point and entertain in a few short paragraphs—or less. Whether you’re writing 300 words or 3,000 words, the goal is to make your blog easy to read and valuable to the reader.

Plan your content strategy

Before you write a blog, it’s important that your business has a defined content strategy. A strategy will include differentiating factors that you’ll use as you write. In your strategy, include unique themes that your company believes in. Then thread those themes throughout your blog writing.

For example, if your company believes in community service, then you would want to use that theme throughout your content.

Relate to the reader

The reader will decide in the first ten seconds if they want to continue reading your blog. Start your blog by identifying with your reader. Think about your ideal audience. Who would most benefit from your blog? When you think about how that person might be feeling, try to tap into those feelings and relate to them on a personal level.

When a reader relates to what you’re saying in your blog, this is an indicator to them that they should keep reading.

Provide value

Your business blog can become a go-to source of content for information seekers. This is the goal for you as you attempt to convert your readers into customers. The best way to create a loyal readership is to provide valuable content. Every blog you write should give the reader a tangible takeaway.

An easy way to start writing valuable content is through the blog title. A ‘how to’ blog title is usually a sign of valuable content because you’re likely going to be teaching your reader something new.

Use easy-to-read formatting

For a generation of instant gratification junkies, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than being at the top of a series of really loooong paragraphs. This is why you should:

  • Stick to a word count of 350-500 words
  • Break up your blog with bullets
  • Use short paragraphs of only a sentence or two
  • Include a call to action

Don’t leave them hanging! At the end of your blog, you must give your reader an action to take. If they’ve made it to the end of your blog, that’s a good sign that they might want to know more. After you’ve provided valuable content, don’t be afraid to make your sales pitch. Invite them to sign up for your email newsletter or to schedule a consultation.

With that, if you have any questions or need assistance with blog writing, contact us at Commit Agency, we’d love to help!