7 Alluring Revelations from Mark Zuckerberg’s F8 Conference Address

May 2, 2018

Leave it to Mark Zuckerberg to kick off the annual F8 Conference with a bang! From Facebook-family app updates and features, to privacy and virtual reality, the Facebook CEO and his team turned on the firehose and delivered a blast of news that media outlets will be dissecting for months to come. However, there were a few golden nuggets announced yesterday that our social team found quite intriguing and worth highlighting:

  • Facebook Dating

This new dating feature will be available to any Facebook user who volunteers to make a profile that will be visible to non-friends who’ve done the same. Facebook will then match the users based on all of its data, and a dedicated inbox for messaging will be available to communicate with matches instead of Messenger.

  • VR Memories and 3D Photos Arriving to Feed

Facebook wants to be ahead of the future content curve by introducing 3D illustrations and models to the News Feed. 3D images may just seem like a trend for now, but being an early adopter of new and exciting content formats can be beneficial, especially for social media giants like Facebook.

  • Clear History

Potentially one of the biggest announcements of the livestream, the new “Clear History” feature will allow users to delete any data that the platform has collected from sites and apps that use its ads and analytics tool. Although this feature would create a less personalized Facebook user experience, it will be good for users concerned with privacy.

  • Instagram Video Chat and Apps Gain Direct Access to Stories

With the rise of Instagram messaging, Facebook is constantly looking for ways to create a more unique experience. Video chat features have been incredibly popular on Messenger and WhatsApp, so it was only a matter of time until Instagram joined the party.

Apps like Spotify, GoPro and Soundcloud will now have the ability to upload to their Instagram and Facebook Stories directly from their own personal apps. Facebook is looking for ways to be more competitive in this video space and it could be an exciting new tool for music discovery.

  • New App Review Process

In order to help prevent another Cambridge Analytica scandal from happening in the future, Facebook will be updating its app review process. They will be working with their loyal developers to continue to bring exciting new apps to the platform, but under a new set of privacy regulations.

  • Messenger Starts Translation

Messenger is becoming more simplified and will be introducing translation in Marketplace, starting with English-Spanish conversations in the United States. By doing this, Facebook is aiming to bring its users closer to one another by eliminating language barriers.

  • Oculus and Oculus TV

Oculus Go, Facebook’s very own VR headset, is officially on sale for $199 for 32GB of onboard storage and $249 for 64GB. Users who purchase the headset will also have access to Oculus TV, a channel specifically for Facebook Watch. It’s rumored that Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services could very well be arriving soon!

So, how did our Commit social team react to all the day’s news? Let’s ask them:

Kenzie (Social Content Manager)

I’m so impressed with Facebook’s ability to constantly stay relevant and forward-thinking in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. I love that they’re always rolling out new features and looking for unique ways to help their users stay connected. 2018 will be a huge year for Facebook, and a few of these features are unlike anything we’ve ever heard of/seen from other platforms. Other platforms should definitely take note and be thinking of ways for how they can innovate as well!

Nick (Social Media Manager)

I think this was a great way to kick off the F8 Conference! I was really surprised by the Facebook dating feature but it makes sense if they’re really wanting to drive home that they create and nurture meaningful relationships. I’m glad they’re finally releasing better privacy controls like “Clear History,” however this is something that should have been an option a lot earlier. I think Facebook has its work cut out for them and I’m looking forward to these features being released very soon.

Greg (Social Advertising Manager)

The standout for me is Facebook addressing privacy issues with a clear history feature. Ad preferences have always been available allowing people to control the types of ads they are served and exclude certain categories. Will this have a significant impact on privacy outside of what can already be controlled? I personally enjoy seeing relevant ads rather than the content formats Facebook’s algorithm chooses to serve. It will be interesting to see how other social platforms react – which all collect similar personal information.

It’s safe to say that 2018 will be an extremely busy year for Facebook as it pushes for greater privacy for its users while also innovating and expanding its software and hardware capabilities. What are your thoughts on Zuckerberg’s address? What are you most looking forward to seeing revealed? Leave us a comment and let us know!