The Commit Report | Use Restaurant Technology to Learn More About Your Customers

August 1, 2022

At Commit Agency, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about touchless technology within the restaurant industry and the impact it has on both customers and restaurant operators. This stems from the research we shared on restaurant industry patronage across the United States, including different types of customer preferences about their food and how they want to order it.

Additional research has confirmed that restaurant operators continue to adopt touchless technology. From increased efficiency, profitability and data collection to helping labor shortages, there are many benefits as well.

But how can restaurant owners overcome the hurdle of customers who resist touchless technology in restaurants, and what can they do to maximize the opportunities they see through increased data collection?

Continue reading below to see what restaurant owners need to know about overcoming technology adoption hurdles and maximizing the opportunities they see through increased data collection.

Training Customers to Use Touchless Technology in Restaurants

Our research shows that consumers are happy to incorporate touchless and contactless technologies in restaurants when it suits them. They are well versed in using dedicated apps for loyalty programs and ordering food and getting it delivered.

In the fast-food sector, we’ve seen consumers rapidly adopt touchless ordering because they see it as helpful and convenient. But even after health concerns associated with COVID-19 subside, how can touchless technology adaptation grow in other sectors of the restaurant world?

Touchless technology in restaurants works when it enhances the guest’s experiences, like staffed kiosks for customized and personalized service or tableside payments. But it fails when diners are forced to use touchless technology that completely replaces human interaction altogether. When it comes to touchless technology in restaurants, placement and execution should be viewed as savvy additions to a diner’s experience and not feel like a substitute. Regardless of a restaurant’s level of service—from high-end to fast-casual—there are countless moments where touchless technology can feel meaningful to the brand’s larger story.

More Technology, More Data, More Engagement

If you’re a restaurant operator who wants to learn more about the people who frequent your establishments, touchless technology can bring a whole host of opportunities. This data can be used not only to inform decisions about product development, inventory and operations, but it can also be used to increase engagement with patrons, reward their activity and personalize their experience.

At Commit Agency, we work with several clients that leverage real data they’ve obtained through touchless technology to engage with their audience in meaningful ways and increase customer retention and loyalty. Capturing data can go beyond typical email campaigns (although they are necessary). Here are some other tactical ways to gain insight into your customers:

  • SMS marketing
  • Loyalty programs built around special events (think birthdays and anniversaries)
  • Subscription services that offer compelling rewards

We know this is a pivotal moment for restaurants right now. Using social listening and other research methodologies, we know what our client’s customers are looking for and have used that intel to optimize the brand-customer experience.

To learn more about each patron’s behaviors and get insights into the opportunities they present, check out our entire executive summary.


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