The Top Five Worst Clickbait Examples

March 20, 2019


You mean I can learn a new language in under ten minutes?

Well, that’s what the title of the article says.

Maybe I should click on it to see what the secret is?

Oh, it’s spam. Of course. Why did I even click on that?!

Clickbait will get you, in one form or another, but is it an effective way to draw attention to your content?

You’re about to find out.

Although an extremely click-worthy title may seem like a good idea at first, nine times out of ten you’ll be letting whoever visited your link down. And even worse, they may never trust your brand again.

To maintain good standing with your audience, avoid using these five clickbait tactics and phrases:

“Don’t click this”

Is anyone else tempted to click here? How about here? If you restrained, good for you. If not, now you know what it feels like to fall trap to the “don’t click here” trick. It’s somewhat satisfying to click on the link though, isn’t it? You can finally go back to scrolling with a clear mind knowing that you’re not missing out on anything. This example isn’t the worst, but it’s certainly not the right way to bring people to your website.

“OMG!!!!! You won’t believe what happens next!”

OMG WHAT! What could possibly warrant an OMG with 5 exclamation marks?! Something incredibly mind-blowing–that’s what. Or maybe a lazy person who can’t come up with a better headline to draw attention to their page? Either way, this clickbait example is the worst of the worst, please don’t ever attempt it. Even if someone visits the page you’re directing them to, they’ll be completely underwhelmed with whatever they find and won’t take you seriously.

“This video made me cry and laugh at the same time”

Expectations are critical. Although you should aim to tap into people’s emotions while writing headline copy, it’s not wise to promise more than you can deliver. Did the video REALLY make you cry and then laugh shortly after? Seems a little unrealistic (if you ask me). Instead, use a title or headline that still captures viewers attention but doesn’t set the expectations too high.

“Read this story and your IQ will automatically go up”

A quick fix or simple solution always seems like a good idea up front, but it rarely is plausible. Take this headline, for example. Sure, it piques your audience’s attention but can you really promise that someone’s IQ will increase if they read the short piece of information you put out on the web? Again, empty promises won’t get you anywhere.

“We need to talk about how aliens secretly rule the world”

First of all, FAKE NEWS. Secondly, most people who see this headline will automatically discredit you before they even give you a chance. Ouch. Instead, shock them with an actual #fact about your business or product. I mean, if you’re going to exaggerate, at least spread truth instead of lies.

Writing catchy blog headlines and social media captions can be complicated, especially with the continual decline in organic reach these days. Luckily, we’ve got the tools and collaborative brain power to come up with those eye-catching phrases that your audience won’t be able to pass up–and all without risking your reputation. Contact us to learn more.