Infographics: How to Leverage in Your Digital Marketing Strategy Right Now  

September 16, 2020

Infographics can be a powerful visual tool in communicating—and distilling—otherwise complex subject matter to a wider audience. For digital marketing, in particular, brands of all sizes have been leveraging infographics as part of their larger content strategies in recent years, with two-thirds of B2B marketers using them in their marketing. And, it’s not hard to see why. Infographics represent the best of both worlds—a visual medium that allows marketers to communicate key data, statistics, and content in a more impactful, eye-catching, and compelling presentation.

But there’s more to infographics than meets the eye—think nuances in visuals, messaging, and prioritizing information shared. What comprises a good infographic, and how can infographics best be used to increase customer engagement?

The good news is that incorporating infographics does not require you to overhaul your marketing. Think of them as a small-but-mighty new tool to deploy to reinforce your larger marketing strategy. In fact, you can add infographics into the very content marketing you’re already executing. With a little know-how, you can send the engagement on your posts through the roof.

Why Infographics?

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. But statistics tell the real story for a brand. It’s only natural to combine these two mediums into something that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.

An infographic can be anything you want it to be. It can be a list of directions, a suite of stats, a promise to customers, or anything in between. It can be a static image, or it can be a clickable item with Web elements. But there’s one thing that’s always true about infographics — the primary purpose of an infographic is to inform.

For this reason, an infographic is a perfect complement to any piece of content you’ve created. While you can use infographics as a standalone item, infographics are best paired with content hosted on your website. When people read the infographic, they’re likely to want to learn more, which will lead them right to your website. This use of infographics leads to lead generation, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

So, then, what are the best uses for infographics? Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate infographics into your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media

The power of social media cannot be understated. Social media has the ability to turn an unknown company into a viral entity overnight. Therefore, it is in your interest to fill your social media with as many pieces as possible that can increase user engagement.

Infographics are among the best tools in your arsenal to attract the right kind of attention. A study shows that following directions with images and text is 323 percent more effective than following directions with no images. Given the potential for gaining a following on social media, it’s clear that you want to use your most compelling content. Put your best infographics on social media, link them to landing pages on your site, and watch your website traffic explode.


We always associate blogs with written pieces, but there’s nothing like a visual accompaniment to break up the text and really drive a point home. In this era where people are more likely to scan a blog for the content, they can use as opposed to reading every word, using images to draw in the viewer is absolutely to your benefit.

An infographic within a blog can have many practical implications. It can summarize a written piece, or it can bring in insights that are only tangentially related to the subject of the blog. In either case, your infographic will jump off the page, giving the reader an additional reason to get excited about what you have to say.

Landing Page

While social media and blogs are indeed fine destinations for infographics, it’s important to understand how your entire marketing strategy works together. No matter how you get there, you want to lead your viewers towards a point at which they take action. That decision point is where you want your best content to speak volumes about your brand and your authority within your field. Ultimately, whether they take that action is up to you.

Therefore, if you’re using content to increase brand awareness and to cement your company as an authority within your industry, you’ll likely use content like white papers, videos, and podcasts as ways to attract your desired audience. And there’s no better way to advertise these lead generators than an infographic.

Your landing page can host an infographic containing important facts and figures from your whitepaper. Or, you can use an infographic that provides highlights from a video, podcast, or even an outside industry report. There are endless possibilities for infographics. If you have a marketing objective, it’s very likely that an infographic can help you to achieve your goal — and there’s even a chance that your wildest expectations can be exceeded.

Customized Infographics

The best infographics contain tons of relevant data, arranged nicely in an attractive package. These infographics also require a significant amount of work, not to mention an extensive background in graphic design.

For some marketers, this is a real dilemma. Everyone wants the benefits that infographics can provide, but not all marketers have the background necessary to produce top-notch infographics — and even if they know how to create infographics, they might not have the time.

Fortunately, there are marketing agencies and independent contractors that specialize in the creation of custom infographics. At Commit Agency we are ready, willing, and able to create compelling and alluring infographics that meet your specifications for customization.

However you get your infographics, you can rest assured that you’re on the cutting edge. The correct use of infographics can increase engagement with current customers, while enticing new prospective clients to come on board. You’ll educate the community while driving sales at the same time, all in a shareable format that’s sure to increase your customer base.

To learn how Commit Agency can help you craft customized infographics that are lead generation magnets, contact us today.