Commit In the News! How Valley Ad Agencies Pivot Amid COVID-19 to Keep Clients, Employees Engaged

August 27, 2020

Phoenix Business Journal

Aug. 14, 2020

Collaborating through a screen is the new normal for many ad agencies across the Valley. While some have had to overhaul the way they work. Others have easily adapted to an ever-changing work environment, all while seamlessly keeping their clients afloat.

In gathering information for the 2020 Largest Advertising Agency lists in the Aug. 14 weekly edition of the Phoenix Business Journal, David Ralls, president of Commit Agency, was asked how his team is working together and helping clients pivot amid COVID-19.

“As an advertising agency, we have had to pivot more quickly than ever before to address the unique needs of our clients throughout this global pandemic. That includes everything from developing new creative content to reallocating media budgets to deploying brand new campaigns,” said Ralls.

Commit Agency has always been at-the-ready with a fluid work environment that previously allowed some employees to work exclusively remote. Now, their remote capabilities have been amplified more than ever.

“Structurally, we have systems in place that allow us to be nimble and flexible, and before Covid-19 even hit, we were already using a platform that makes remote work not only possible but easy and collaborative as well. Because of this, we’re able to remotely collaborate as a team multiple times a day so that we continue to produce great work.”

That great work has spurred many of Commit’s clients to thrive in an unsteady environment.

Ralls added, “In fact, many of our clients that closed due to Covid-19 have since reopened and are experiencing year-over-year growth resulting from a solid strategy and continued investment in marketing through this recession.”

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