Avoiding Brand Disconnect | Marketing Tips

January 15, 2016

Brand disconnect occurs when customers and potential customers see your brand—the representation of your company—as something different than what it is supposed to be. The big question is how to avoid brand disconnect so that customers see your company as it is meant to be. The answer to that question comes down to the quality of your marketing and marketing data. These marketing tips can help you avoid brand disconnect.

Validate Your Marketing Data

Errors in marketing data create falsehoods that taint other parts of your marketing agenda. For example, if your marketing data shows that the average age of your customer bases is 65 when it is really 25, your “true” customers will not hear about your brand if you’re marketing to an entirely different persona. One of the most powerful marketing tips is to verify all marketing data. The goal is to ensure that you have the correct information to form branding and marketing campaigns.

Prioritize Customer (and Employee) Satisfaction

If your company is projecting a brand where customer service is top notch and guest experience is stellar, then make sure that your customer service is top notch and that guests are having a stellar experience. Every step of the customer journey needs to be in-line with your brand promise; if there is a misstep, that’s where brand disconnect occurs. Also, consider that your employees are your customers, too. Make sure they are treated as though they are customers because they are the customer-facing front line representing your brand.

Focus on What Your Company Does Best

If your line of business is to provide guests with the best night’s sleep possible, then stick to that and don’t add in services or partnerships that do not add to your guests’ overall experience. Focus on what you do best.

Target Your Marketing to Reach the Right Customers

If you are in the travel industry and consider all of the people who travel, which segment of that population fits your business model? Your marketing campaigns should focus on that population. The last thing you want is to attract customers who are expecting something else entirely. That is a good way to draw negative online reviews and cause your customer satisfaction rating to plummet. Target your marketing to reach your ideal customer persona.